Riyadh's bid for Expo 2030 commands global attention as nations prepare to cast votes

Crowning achievement awaits

November 27, 2023
The highly awaited decision for hosting the 2030 World Expo is looming, with 181 countries engaged in the voting process in Paris.
The highly awaited decision for hosting the 2030 World Expo is looming, with 181 countries engaged in the voting process in Paris.

Saudi Gazette report

PARIS — In the vibrant streets of Paris Monday, the absence of massive billboards or Saudi advertisements on Parisian buses and taxis is a rare sight.

The highly awaited decision for hosting the 2030 World Expo is looming, with 181 countries engaged in the voting process. The distinguished contenders for this global event are Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Italy.

Under the forward-thinking leadership of Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia aspires to clinch the role of the Expo's triumphant host.

The Expo, which gave rise to the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris in 1889, holds immense economic and cultural significance.

The projected victory would signify a momentous achievement for Crown Prince Mohammed's endeavors in realizing Saudi Vision 2030 — an ambitious initiative aimed at diversifying the country's revenue sources beyond reliance on oil income.

Demonstrating its commitment, Saudi Arabia has earmarked $7.8 billion for Expo 2030, reflecting a dedication to making Riyadh Expo 2030 the most sustainable and influential Expo to date.

The design blueprint includes innovative plans for site reuse, fostering sustainability, and promoting creativity.

Crown Prince Mohammed personally affirmed the nation's campaign at a gala hosted by the Kingdom at the Grand Palace in Paris on June 19.

A grand reception on Nov. 6, attended by Saudi ministers, officials, and football legend Didier Drogba, further showcased support. French President Emmanuel Macron had earlier expressed his endorsement for Saudi Arabia's bid.

The voting, scheduled for Tuesday at the International Exhibition Bureau in Paris, will involve delegates from 181 countries.

In the event that none of the contenders secures a two-thirds majority, a second round of voting will immediately follow.

Saudi Arabia plans to host the World Expo in Riyadh from October 2030 to March 31, 2031, under the theme "The era of change: Together for a foresighted tomorrow."

As the world awaits the announcement, Riyadh's bid has gained backing from over 80 countries worldwide. Let's delve into what makes Riyadh the ideal choice to host this monumental event.

The strategic location near the King Salman International Airport, coupled with the ongoing development of the "Riyadh Metro," ensures convenient access for visitors.

With 226 exhibition pavilions adopting a unique spherical design, the equator line running through them aligns with the Expo's vision, ensuring equal opportunities for all participants.

Reflecting Riyadh's rich history, culture, and natural beauty, the pavilions visually showcase the Kingdom's commitment to addressing global climate concerns and fostering a future full of potential.

Allocation of pavilions based on longitudes promotes global cooperation, emphasizing Saudi Arabia's pivotal role.

Design principles prioritize visitor experience, with easy navigation between pavilions, public squares, cultural and innovation facilities, food services, and resting areas inspired by Riyadh's architectural heritage.

A modern green oasis gracing a tributary of Wadi As-Sulai adds a touch of green to the exhibition site, reinforcing the Kingdom's commitment to preserving and sustainably developing its natural resources.

November 27, 2023
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