Saudi Arabia strongly condemns sabotage of its embassy building by armed groups in Sudan

June 08, 2023

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned on Wednesday the sabotage and tampering carried out by some armed groups in the Kingdom’s embassy building and its annexes in Khartoum, capital of Sudan. The ministry also voiced its denunciation over the sabotage of the residence and properties of Saudi staff working in the embassy, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Thursday.

The ministry also expressed the Kingdom’s total rejection of all forms of violence and sabotage on diplomatic missions and representations. It also stressed the importance of confronting these armed groups that are trying to undermine the return of security and stability to Sudan and its brotherly people.

The Sudanese army confirmed last month that the circumstances of the war prevented the security forces from providing protection for diplomatic missions, refusing to hold it responsible for the looting of embassies in Sudan.

The army added in a statement that accusing the Rapid Support Forces of attacking embassies is based on reports and eyewitness accounts.

Meanwhile, the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported, on Wednesday, that the headquarters of the Bahraini embassy and the ambassador’s house in the Sudanese capital had been stormed and vandalized by an armed group.

The ministry renewed its call to the Sudanese parties to give priority to wisdom and the supreme national interest, and to respond seriously to the Saudi-American initiative to halt military operations.

June 08, 2023
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