UAE, the Giants Brigade and unraveling the mystery

January 22, 2022
UAE, the Giants Brigade and unraveling the mystery

Abdullah Bin Bjad Al-Otaibi

The Arab Coalition is fighting a war in Yemen to support the legitimacy of the Yemeni state and its people against the expansionist sectarian project, which is supported by a state in the region and applied on the ground by the Houthi militias.

Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman held historic talks with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed, during his state visit to the United Arab Emirates a month ago.

Speaking on the occasion, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed said: “Relationships are strengthened during adversity... You see, you have family and brothers...

Prince Muhammad Bin Salman said in his reply: “At any time of adversities, we have seen none other than men. We have seen people in word and deed. Indeed, they know that fate is one and the same, and this is what exists between us from the day history came into being.”

During a meeting last Saturday, Gen. Mutlaq Al-Azima, commander of the Coalition Joint Forces, valued “the position of the UAE, through the heroic sacrifices it made, along with its sister country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in restoring legitimacy in Yemen.”

The Saudi-Emirati Coalition has saved Egypt and Bahrain and supported the stability in the Arab world, apart from confronting hostile projects in the region with foiling the hostile strategies and plans. The Saudi-Emirati Coalition had led and is still leading the Arab Coalition in efforts to save Yemen.

The aforesaid two statements were significant in confirming and consolidating the strong bonds and ties between the two states and at the same time exposing the futility of the vicious campaigns, which are supported regionally and ideologically, with an ulterior design of harming this victorious alliance.

This also unravels the secrecy behind the futile attempts of those who want to strike the Saudi–UAE relations, apart from being alert about such machinations.

The amazing victories of the Giants Brigade or Amaliqa Brigade trigger certain most compelling questions that cannot be ignored.

Why did this brigade succeed in days or weeks while others have failed over the years? What differences pushed for these victories? What are the ideas and principles that drive them forward?

The UAE has succeeded in supporting the Giants Brigade and betting on its patriotism, Arabism, and absolute loyalty to Yemen as it trained, armed and planned it. The combat creed of the Giants Brigade was evident and unambiguous as it required neither discussion nor any bargaining, and it was not polluted by the ideology of political Islam and its groups and organizations.

It has not entered into any broad political or financial corruption, and it does not have any regional and cross-border ideological affiliations and hostility toward the Arabs.

The history of the “Giants Brigade” proves beyond any doubt that they know their enemy well. With the Houthi militias they have a history, incidents and confrontations at multiple levels, including the level of discourse, the level of thought, and the level of military operations.

Anyone who follows the video clips coming from the battlefield hears their expressions, which clearly spell out the nobility of their purpose, the clarity of their goal and the purity of their war.

The Giants Brigade always wins battles against the Houthi militias and in record times. This happened before, during the liberation of the western coast up to Hodeidah after they moved from the south to the west, which is what is happening at present after they moved from the western coast to Shabwa, Marib and Al-Bayda.

One who follows all this can imagine what would be the fate of Taiz or Saada itself in the event of deploying the Giants Brigade there.

The losers and the corrupt do not win, and those harboring foreign agendas can do nothing but deception and conspiracy and that too against their state and people.

History is a witness to this and it abounds in plenty of examples for this. Ever since the start of Decisive Storm and the Restoration of Hope, the bet of Saudi Arabia and the UAE has always been on the Yemeni people, their righteous sons and their brave fighters.

Finally, history teaches us that wars involve many mistakes and shortcomings, and even sins, but it also teaches us that victory in wars reveals the hidden and exposes the positions of the personalities and ideologies whether positive or negative.

This will be what will happen in Yemen after the Yemeni people win and eliminate the Houthi militias, who had hijacked them and their country.

— This article was originally published in Al-Ittihad newspaper.

January 22, 2022
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