Crown Prince’s historic summit tour

December 12, 2021
Crown Prince’s historic summit tour

Jameel Altheyabi

Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s recent tour of the five Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states was a landmark journey with a decisive single vision towards unifying positions and further solidifying the Gulf integration to confront challenges with an undying spirit of solidarity.

The tour was aimed at strengthening cooperation, deepening ties and bolstering partnerships among the Gulf states, with which Saudi Arabia shares all the components of life in terms of language, belongingness, religion, customs, ambitions, and popular aspirations.

It’s the journey of brotherhood and cementing of bonds that enabled reining in the false claims of haters, who have been propagandizing that there are Gulf - Gulf differences. A trip that scripted a new life to the joint Gulf action, which will lead to taking strong positions when Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh hosting the Gulf summit meetings within a couple of days.

There is no doubt that the trip that Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman made to his brothers in the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait lays the foundation for the much anticipated great success of the Gulf summit, and it also articulates the congruence of positions and the unity of destination.

The Crown Prince’s tour of the five Gulf capitals was neither fleeting nor ordinary one. Rather, it was a handshake to strengthen relations and all brotherly ties and bonds. During his visit to the Sultanate of Oman, the first land road between the Kingdom and the Sultanate was opened, which shortens the distance between the two countries. This also completes the connection among all Gulf countries with direct roads. This road, which had remained a dream of the Saudis and Omanis for a long time, came to a reality during this historic trip.

The Crown Prince’s visit to the rest of the four Gulf states has drawn a new foundation for strong relations and partnerships among these countries at a time when it is required to further strengthen the Gulf unity and intensify coordination to confront challenges and turmoil in the region. This is more necessitated because of Iran’s destabilizing policies that are harmful to the security and stability of the region in terms of its continuous support for militias and terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, which undermines stability in Lebanon, and the Houthi militia, which carries out a proxy fight to inflict harm to Yemen and its neighbors.

Therefore, it can be said that the success of the tour of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is a headline for the unified Gulf position, as well as the harmony of its policies, and the consolidation of the foundations of dialogue and consultation so as to ensure the security of the “Gulf cooperation” system. The Gulf convoy will continue its march towards future with more confidence and optimism, no matter how loud the barking of the haters and the envious as the goals of the Gulf states are evident and deep among themselves altogether, and this is confirmed by its continuation for four decades.

It was also a loving tour of the Gulf, as all the capitals where the Crown Prince landed were keen on showing feelings of brotherhood and love, and his official meetings were an embodiment of an embrace for each one of these brotherly peoples. Perhaps, there is no one in the Gulf and the world who does not know about the young, passionate and capable Crown Prince, who “engineered” Saudi Vision 2030, which opened the doors of Saudi Arabia to the world.

It is certain that Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s tour is not only a shift but also a breakthrough in the nature of relations between Saudi Arabia and its sisterly Gulf states so that the upcoming Riyadh summit speaks with a unified voice, expresses coordinated positions, and emphasizes the capabilities of the six Gulf countries to defend themselves against any external interference or subversive attempts to destabilize them or inflict harm to the prosperity of their peoples.

It is also certain that the future vision that the Saudi Crown Prince looks at is a Gulf Road Map in terms of immunity from imminent dangers and a real Gulf integration among brothers united by language, religion, intermarriage, history and geography.

December 12, 2021
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