Lebanon…war and Hezbollah!

October 22, 2021
Lebanon…war and Hezbollah!

Jameel Altheyabi

Is Lebanon back on the brink of a civil war again? What is the benefit for Hezbollah from blowing up the situation and burning Lebanon? Why does it seek to plunge the Lebanese into all kinds of chaos, assassinations and crises? Why does the international community continue to remain silent about its Satanic crimes and devilish practices?

It was ascertained to the world, through a historic international verdict in the assassination case of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005, that the terrorist Hezbollah — the statelet that dominates the Lebanese state with weapons — is behind all the crimes, assassinations and liquidations that has taken place in Beirut.

There are plenty of most compelling proofs and evidence of the involvement of this terrorist gang, run by a regional power, in its bid to “Persianize” Lebanon along with Yemen, Iraq and Syria, are handled by the agent Hassan Nasrallah. The Beirut port explosion and the attempt to bury its crime by threatening Lebanese Judge Tarek Bitar, who is probing the blast, with insistence on his removal, were not the last among the crimes of Hezbollah. The terrorist outfit is attempting to dwarf the Najib Mikati’s government, which has not yet completed even 40 days.

Hezbollah pays lip service to resisting Israel and supporting Palestine, and it has spilled the most blood in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, and has brought to Lebanon nothing but calamities, disappointments, wars and lost adventures.

There is an international and regional consensus that attributes the despair of the Lebanese situation to the militia, the terrorist arm of a regional power that does not want good for either Lebanon or the region. At the same time, the flabby and selfish and even corrupt political class — as per the description of the international community — cannot be acquitted of the crimes committed against Lebanon and turning it into a failed country without a future.

There is no doubt that the agendas of Hezbollah and its supporters and financiers will continue to push with practicing their crimes in order to keep Lebanon “sick in bed” as long as possible, and push it into an abyss and an unbearable hell, which is what the Lebanese are currently experiencing.

Imagine that “the former Switzerland of the East” has no electricity, no fuel, no medicine, no money, no safe life as corruption is rampant, and its only trade is the export of drugs in shipments of fruit.

It is certain that the Lebanese militia and those who stand behind it and those associated with it only want Lebanon to remain as it is. Therefore, Hezbollah seeks with all its might to distance Lebanon from its Arab surroundings, its true friends and supporters, and leave it in a friendless state.

This is what Nasrallah speaks out publicly, as he revealed more than once his rejection of the Lebanese regime. He has never concealed his desire to change the foundations on which Lebanon is built and turn it into one of the states of the Great Republic.

In such a context, more patriotic sacrifices are required from the sons of Lebanon in confronting the “Satanic Party” as well as to expose its practices and its allies at home and abroad, if they want to return their country to its former era that is well known for them!

October 22, 2021
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