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September 05, 2021

The serene beauty of the mountain ranges of Al-Baha with its pleasant weather is a mesmerizing experience for visitors.

Situated at an altitude of 2,500 meters from sea level, Al-Baha houses several major tourist attractions, including Ibn Raqosh Palace in the village of Bani Sar and Qaryah Dhee Ain or the marble village.

These villages are famous for their ancient human-made civilizations with stone houses carved in the rock.

The Ibn Raqosh Palace, which was built in the year 1833, includes five houses built in a unique architectural style, and inside the palace wall there is a mosque with a water pool, where worshipers use the water to perform ablution.

Qaryah Dhee Ain village is an outstanding example of traditional human settlements in multi-story stone houses.

The village was constructed using load-bearing walls and the structures are roofed using cedar wood. The multi-story houses are marvelous as their walls were simply constructed by stones laid one atop another, with timbers that form floor beams to provide stability to the stone structures. — SPA

September 05, 2021
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