Saudi Arabia speeds up process of change

June 22, 2021
Saudi Arabia speeds up process of change
Noor A. AlNaboud

Part of what makes life fun is that we all have different perspectives and unique ways of looking at things, I believe many people focus on one side only of the story; the one that touches them directly and affects them. But with a little bit attention and ingenuity in thinking and looking at all sides we can get the general picture.

In a way this is what Saudi Arabia is going through every day and many are watching the reactions of people and public figures during this process. As a watcher, I have come to realize that the process of change is not an easy matter and in order to do arrive at the required change you have to bear many challenges and do a lot to achieve your goal.

If you want to realize strategic decisions, as what Saudi Arabia is doing, you have to be ready to face a strong storm that brings with it many likeable and dislikable things such as refusals, misjudgments, agreements, strongly agreement and sometimes you can read the loud voices with some drama that we repeatedly see in Twitter’s comments section!

In the field of digital transformation, thankfully we have started to witness a huge transformation in respect of many of the ministries, the most important part here is the transparency we have been hearing and seeing by the decision makers of our governmental entities, in which they, on occasions, did admit they were late or wrong and they have to start the change again. Honestly that’s the most influential content, and keeps the situation very real.

In the field of education, I was pleased to be invited to attend the media briefing held by Ministry of Education and there I was glad to hear the new plans and methods of Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, the minister of education, that resonate with our Saudi Vision 2030, projecting the global standards of learning, and the requirements of local/international market.

In the field of Human Resources and Social Development, it is worth mentioning the success Saudi Arabia has achieved of being elected as a titular member of the governing body for International Labour Organization 2021-2024.

In the field of the Social Insurance Institute and Retirements Institute, the merger of these institutions will highly contribute to protect the rights of those benefiting under this merger, as well as unifying the benefits in the public and private sector fairly, knowing this will be considered as a quantum leap.

In the field of Media, I’m not sure how we will proceed from here on, as challenges abound on many fronts, but I trust that we know the right direction to take and we are now more aware of the internal and external concerns we have, and this would allow us to act accordingly.

Yes, I’m very proud and concerned to state where we were and where we are today as individuals and as a country and I’m hopeful to see more progress in the near future.

Thanks for the blessed and important decisions being made by our wise government and leaders, King Salman and the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman for the sake of keeping us and country ranked among the top in developed countries.

— Saudi writer can be reached @moionlynoor

June 22, 2021
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