Hamas schizophrenia… garbage of history

June 09, 2021
Hamas schizophrenia… garbage of history

Jameel Altheyabi

THE fact that the Palestinian Hamas movement honored the Iranian agent — the head of the so-called "Supreme Revolutionary Committee" in Yemen — Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi on a day that coincided with the militia attacks on Marib in which innocents were killed, reveals the horror of the face of Hamas and the extent of the betrayal.

Hamas has become addicted to the schizophrenia that Islamist movements suffer from. It will accept embracing every thought to achieve its goals, even if it is through denial, ingratitude and humiliation, as everyone who belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood would do!

Hamas raises the slogan of resistance and revolution, and at the same time bows to Iran, which occupies Arab capitals, kills its people, and sows hatred. Despite that, Hamas still claims that it is not, despite what it is doing, destroying the inside of Palestine’s house.

Undoubtedly, Hamas' steps confirm that it is like its ally, the Houthis, as it does not fight a battle unless instigated by Iran.

The origin of the militias that Iran created in Arab countries, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, Ansar Allah in Yemen, and similar sectarian militias in Iraq and Syria, are nothing but tools used by Iran to eliminate its rivals in the region, to destabilize them and threaten the security of the region.

It is a well-known fact that Iran is a cowardly nation and does not engage in any direct fight itself. We have seen it burn under the blaze of its institutions, oil installations, naval ships, and nuclear facilities.

Iran prefers to allow its agents and its tools in the region to implement its dirty agendas, and it does not care about Arab blood, or the stability of the region. Because it wants to swallow it up and dominate it, from the Gulf to the East, abd from Sudan to Morocco.

It became clear during the recent war between Hamas and Israel that Iran succeeded in smuggling missiles into Gaza so that the Brotherhood movement, who reports to the Iranian mullahs, could make a fuss to change the rules of the political game for whose benefit?!

Certainly, not in favor of Palestine and also not in favor of the Gaza people. Its missiles were fired at Israel, suffocating the Palestinians with Israeli raids, night after night. While the Hamas leaders lived in bliss in Arab capitals, with many facilitated in luxurious hotel accommodation.

To please its Iranian master, Hamas has carried out a coup against the Palestinian Authority. It ripped the Palestinian house, deliberately thwarting any Palestinian reconciliation agreement, as it did after swearing before the Kaaba that the Palestinian house is united.

The very next day, it broke promises and covenants to thwart the Makkah Agreement until it was impossible to repair this hernia.

It is "Brotherhood education" that is based on sabotage, destroy, and conspire. The dominance of the Brotherhood project, which knows no borders and does not recognize the sovereignty of states that they do not lead.

As long as Iran moves Hamas whenever it wants and wherever it wants, as its agents from Hezbollah and the Houthis, the children of Gaza will not be safe...

But one day, Hamas will have to face the Palestinian people who have not gained anything but destruction and death from their coup in Gaza.

Certainly, wise people are not disturbed by the revelation of hypocrites and treacherous people. Rather, they begin the task of accurate calculations in the future mechanism of dealing with them.

As the Palestinian academic Ahmed Barqawi says: Iran is a state of hyenas... garbage... that only lives on the remains of the decaying corpses of countries. Certainly, those who ally themselves with trash will put themselves in the garbage of history!

June 09, 2021
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