Assertive persona vs. flexible persona

May 28, 2021
Assertive persona vs. flexible persona
Noor A. AlNaboud

Thinking about the kind of vibes and attitudes I receive from people around me, during daily interactions, my curiosity got triggered and I started to identify and follow the nature of these energies, only to recognize lately that they can say a lot about the person who delivered these vibes more than what I actually felt.

The best thing I can do here is to illustrate the two contradictory characters I have met most of times — “assertive persona vs. flexible persona”. I believe they are worth pondering because they deliberately send off different kinds of messages to most of us through a manager, family member, friend or an emotional partner sometimes.

Health aspect: After working with assertive leaders for so long and sometimes living with demanding family members or friends I ended up having high pressure and also made me feel much better with the unassertive types, as my anxiety to finish something they asked of me did not even exist.

Philosophically: I think we can vibe higher and wiser while dealing with flexible persons, who are more open and ready to listen and accept our opinions about life, for example, or ideas. In this instance I remembered Jameel Atheyabi who is a role model of such persona in work according to my experience in writing.

At work: Capable of working under pressure, team spirit, creative and open mindedness, as they believe deep inside success is the fruit of the group work far from personal doings and winner and loser concept

Prioritizing: Have you ever met one person who has put your interests ahead of the rest just to let you feel happy and draw out a beautiful smile from you? I think everyone here will remember a nice anecdote of a person who has prioritized others.

Mental and emotional state: The chance of acknowledging our emotion and needs is more high with group B than A, as B is more compassionate and kind to the extent that allows you to go deep to express easily your self without judgments.

Compliments: As human beings we crave to hear admiration, acknowledgement and good wishes for an achievement we made or getting a polite answer for a request or question. Sad to say that it is seldom or rare to have meaningful message from the first personality!

Lifestyle: I notice change and a more cheerful outlook in the second persona rather than the first, and this can be clear in the colors they choose or sometimes in the haircut they do, unlike the classical taste of the other that turns to be boring habits of the times.

Becoming aware of such concepts is important as I believe, ironically, these perceptions could help us prioritize our choices to create a better understanding of people in order to match and fit ourselves and our souls.

— Saudi writer can be reached @moionlynoor

May 28, 2021
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