Boycott and support!


The boycott call for Turkish goods that was made by a Saudi Twitterati becoming a national popular campaign and reaching honest merchants is the manifestation of the loyalty of the Saudi people toward their homeland and their rejection of any attempt to hurt their dignity, as well as the dignity of their homeland and its leadership.

The intended support here is the support that must be given to raise the level of production of local goods in order to revitalize our local market, which was inundated with Turkish goods that boosted the Turkish economy to record levels.

Additionally, tourism and real estate investments propped their market and that resulted in bringing down sales of some food products of our factories due to unreasonable competition. Therefore, it was imperative to support local products while filling the gap with some imports.

Here comes the inevitability of popular action to support our products to cover the entire market, whether with regard to foodstuffs, luxuries, clothes, equipment, etc. The boycott is a civilized behavior practiced by civilized people as a fair act against any hindrance toward their way of life or any prejudice to their cohesion and dignity.

But what is striking about the Saudi popular boycott of Turkish goods is that it has assumed a higher position than being a transient boycott, as it is protest, rejection and popular anger against a country that boasts open hostilities to their homeland and maligns their leadership besides harboring its past imperial dreams.

This is an indicator of the fast-growing awareness and an unprecedented level of understanding of the true history and the role that the colonial countries played and are still playing in the region, with Turkey being one among them.

With the escalation of the popular campaign for the boycott, the signs of its output began to bear great fruit. At the local level, a large number of merchants, well-known stores, restaurants, and luxury stores are joining the boycott every day, and at the farthest level, the statements about Turkish policy, whether on the Kingdom’s communication platforms or official statements, caused a recession.

Consequently, there is depreciation in the Turkish lira and the economy and a slowdown in the real estate market.
The people of Saudi Arabia have nothing to do but to boycott Turkish products and embrace their local ones until they become abundant and we are able to export them.