Media’s whitewashing role

October 12, 2020
Media’s whitewashing role
Anmar Mutaweh

The role of whitewashing by media is similar to the practice of whitening the black money. Media is being widely used to either gloss over or cover up vices and crimes or exonerate culprits by biased presentation of data.

This could be compared to the illegal process of concealing the origins of money obtained illegally by passing it through a complex sequence of illegal ways. In both cases, there is an element of moral degradation with an outward elegant form to serve some ulterior designs and vested interests.

The phenomenon of whitewashing, perpetrated by a section of the media, is being carried out under the cloak of good intentions and slogans of serving humanity. But there are sure to be some hidden strategies and vested interests while practicing this deceit in order to achieve certain ulterior designs.

In the recently disclosed documents, it came to be known that some global public relations firms were engaged in polishing the image of terrorist groups through some of the Western and Arab media. These companies knew very well that they were working directly with the extremists, as the report indicated.

These firms painted a positive image of these outfits in the minds of both the Western and Arab peoples even though they knew very well that the opposite is the reality.

What is truly amazing is the volume of radio stations, television networks, magazines and electronic newspapers that have been harnessed to work professionally in polishing these illegal armed groups as “disciplined and professional military institutions”..., as the documents pointed out.

This is just a realistic example that has been revealed about the mechanism by which the whitewashing takes place either to polish or distort the image. These practices are taking place in all directions upon request and that are without any scrutiny, skepticism, or use of any amount of intelligence.

Such misconducts are being pursued at the international level in a clear, open and exposed manner in most cases. These media whitewashing campaigns are being carried out at the state level for many purposes, the least of which is blackmailing and distortion.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia faces enemies from all sides. They have bad intentions and attempt to harm the Kingdom from all angles. This could be seen even from the part of some of those whom the Kingdom considers as its friends. These parties do not hesitate to discredit the Kingdom by directing their compass towards it with dark intentions and vested interests.

Perhaps, Saudophobia is the term best suited for those who work in secret to fabricate news with the aim of offending the Kingdom — its land, government and people. The term Saudophobia denotes their fear of Saudi Arabia when it launches into the bright future with a clear vision, clean goals and confident strategies.

Therefore, the misinformation campaigns against Saudi Arabia would continue to exist and remain despite the fact that Saudi Arabia would survive all these and stand high with its supremacy.

— The Saudi writer can be reached at anmar20@yahoo.com

October 12, 2020
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