We become what we repeatedly do


I’m exploring the idea of good habits and how it shapes us. I noticed, and as it seemed to me, that people that I admire have accomplished things that I look up to because of this particular fact — good habits.

For example, when we talk about the consistent to positive aspect they have shown that they have followed it routinely and practiced it, and it seems they have formed habits and kept it vey grounded. So, if you are forced to compare yourself with others, then do the comparison between yourself and true masters. I believe the desire to feel good about their lives keeps them inspiring to feed those behaviors and habits.

Soon they consider these routines as their actual dear friends that have always prompted love, clarity, and worthiness within them. In early 2020, most of us, I believe, have had this challenge to live through good routines, especially at the beginning of lockdown due to COVID-19. We found ourselves losing discipline on our schedules and actions and there have been times where our mind was clouded and full of negativity and drama.

During these trying times, sometimes, good habits have come to our rescue by bringing us clarity in mind and our thoughts. Lets not lie, idealistic lifestyle can be boring, for we crave for the random life that is without terms and conditions. For me, for example, writing comes very easily. I write and write, as I just feel really good while writing. I’m not doing it to make something happen but only to feel good about myself.

At the same time, I love the idea of exercising but I’m not doing it constantly and I envy those who have a routine and do it regularly. Sometimes I struggle with eating, and am mindful about it as I have an issue with food. At times I either don’t want it at all while feeling sick even thinking about it or I consume everything in my sight.

This sounds weird, but here we need to understand personal preferences and the easy leaning towards our comfort zone instead of opting for the best option at that time. In conclusion, self-improvement is an amazing quality in humans. Our daily actions are called habits and when we routinely act for the good then they are good habits.

Examples of good habits like going early to bed, early to wake up, eating healthy food, keeping our environment clean, drinking water regularly can be practiced with all of us adopting any of these good characteristics to suit us and mold us. In short, I love this wonderful wisdom of Buddha’s quote on habits: “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine”. And this quote is so true.

— The writer can be reached on Twitter: @moionlynoor