Facelift turns Al-Khobar’s vegetable market into an incredible colossal ‘Piece of Painting’


Saudi Gazette report

The massive refurbishing has turned the central vegetable market in Al-Olaya district in the city of Khobar look-like a colossal art work of painting. The facelift of the old market was carried out as a landmark initiative of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) to mark the Kingdom’s 90th National Day celebrations.

The renovation works were carried out in line with Saudi Aramco’s Citizenship Initiative under which transmitting Ithra’s artistic and creative vision to prominent sites and public places in the Eastern Province.

The refurbishing of the market represents Ithra’s celebration of human potential as the greatest source of change with a focus on accelerating that potential by encouraging creativity, inspiring minds, and empowering talent.

Ithra re-visualized the vegetable market by modification of the market square, refurbishing its public areas in an artistic style, and expanding it to include public seating areas, art and music spaces, by adding an area for artists, food carts, and other displays.

The Ithra initiative aimed at reviving the ancient areas of the market and turning them into vivid and eye-catching artistic projects in a creative manner.

It also aims to attract the public and disseminate the mission of Ithra as a source of creativity and inspiration to empower human development to showcase and celebrate it.

The renovation program restored the splendor of life to the vegetable market with transforming it into an area intended for sellers of vegetables and fruits as well as for artists.

It was part of the cultural center’s projects donated to the community that contribute to stimulating creativity and supporting local artists, and encouraging the youth and families to return to the place in its new attire.

This space comes in dimensions of 100 x 65 meters divided into three main areas that include the renovated vegetable market; a public area for street art, and artistic works and installations; and an exhibition of arts and crafts.

Hussain Hanbazazah, director of Ithraa, said that the vegetable market initiative combines artistic creativity and a station that attracts the public, in addition to enhancing the economic aspect by working to revive this vital market for local farmers.

“We affirm our commitment towards society through this market. This initiative provides a new platform for people to meet together, interact and enjoy art within a diverse public art space for creativity, in which they enjoy and support Saudi art, and communicate with traditions, culture and society,” he said.

He added that this is in a new environment and in a different format for the celebration of the National Day this year.

It is noteworthy that Saudi Aramco envisioned, through its ambitious Ithra project, to be an environment for transformative experiences to unlock the power of potential through mastery in arts, science, literature, and innovation.

Ithra serves the Kingdom as a new, invigorating source of limitless potential and flowing knowledge to feed minds eager to learn, create, and produce.

Ithra stands to transform a new tomorrow equipped with a knowledge-based society that celebrates innovation and its traditional culture with the evolving times the nation is embracing.