Every work has its fruits, so choose wisely

September 19, 2020
Every work has its fruits, so choose wisely
Osama Yamani

There are laws in our lives that many people cannot realize their importance. Indeed, not feeling the force of attraction due to gravity and its law does not mean that it is not existent, or it is ineffective or weak.

Gravity exists, it governs and affects us, and we cannot escape from its laws or effects that appear in phenomena like the ebb and flow, motion and mass.

Hence, it is unwise not to contemplate on these laws that affect our lives, and not to pay attention to the thousands of years of human heritage that is overflowing with the notion that the reward a person will get depends on his own deeds, whether they are good or bad.

There is an expression that says: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” A second idiom with the same meaning is: “What goes around comes around.” This literally means: “What you do to others, will happen to you.”

Chinese philosophers have noticed the many opposites surrounding man, such as good and evil, darkness and light, and negative and positive energy. This principle is the basis of Taoism, which is one of the five recognized religions in China.

Indian culture defines this ancient law through the concept of "Karma", which is means results from a person’s action, work or deed. It also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual.

It is an ethical concept in the beliefs of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Taoism. A good deed will bring good, and a bad deed will cause harm, misfortune and scourge to its perpetrator.

This is why a conviction was born that goodwill, good intentions and good deeds contribute to the creation of good karma and happiness for the present and the future.

Bad intention and bad action contribute to creating bad karma and suffering in a person's life and future. Goodwill, like a magnet, attracts good and repels evil, and vice versa.

That is why you should start your morning with a smile, which you will find reflected on your whole day. Do not be deceived by your strength, for that power conceals a weakness. Do not let your position make you feel invincible, because it cannot ward off evil from you.

What I know is that if something is invisible to you, it does not mean it is nonexistent. Man makes himself, and it has been said: “Be as you wish”.

Do good and you will find it. Do evil and you shall reap it. How many big personalities have ended up in humiliation and insult, and how many rich people have become needy.

Attraction and repulsion are among the attributes of life. Health drives away disease, or the immune system wards off disease.

Do not be deceived by your intelligence, position, social status, strength and power, nor by all of these combined, for evil leaves nothing but evil and good leaves nothing but good.

“When someone does some wrongdoing to you, keep his evil at bay by treating him well.” This is the lesson to be learnt from Verse 34 of Surah Fussilat of the Holy Qur’an (41:34).

This is one of the laws of life, which if properly implemented, will bear fruit. Every work has its fruits, so choose your work meticulously, so that you reap the good fruits of life.

— The author is a Saudi legal consultant and writer. Can be reached on Twitter: @osamayamani

September 19, 2020
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