Saudi education and refugees

September 16, 2020
Areej AlJahani

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this pioneering and leading state, is continuing to lead the region, and this time by creating educational content through 24 education channels that are broadcast for free, YouTube channels, and various balanced and distinct content.

The viewers of this content are not only from within the Kingdom, but from about 35% of the world’s countries, specifically from those with a large number of refugees. This calls for expecting an additional pioneering role for this country in its support and generosity in building man.

So what if the Saudi education structure, which has proved its worth and has continued in this task incessantly, was actually relied on? This is at a time when we have seen the biggest countries crumble from the very first test.

Trust in Saudi minds begins from within not without. To believe in ourselves is the yardstick. The Kingdom will lead the projects of the renaissance without paying any attention to the choir of the mercenaries and those who keep boasting “It is we who taught you!” If they are as they say, why then have we developed, while they have failed?

Why did our leadership establish our security and inculcate education, while they (others) were blinded by ignorance and the curses of political parties and deviant affiliations?

Yes, there are shortcomings and there are problems sowed by the old guard and the “bats of darkness” (‘those who work behind the scenes in the dark’), but the radiance of knowledge has burned them all.

Meanwhile, the transformations we are seeing under the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the courageous minds that are adopting and are working on them day and night, make us believe that the coming ten years will witness more achievements that will certainly increase the strategic weight of our country.

The Kingdom has been very patient about the insults hurled at it and it is high time for its sons to lead the global scene. Furthermore, we will support everyone who holds the green passport to occupy high posts in the international organizations that have been hijacked for years by the dark minds blinded by hatred for the Kingdom's actions in building peace and the uplift of mankind.

What the Kingdom has provided to the refugees cannot be enumerated. It will also be great, if the Ministry of Education, led by its courageous minister Hamad Al-Sheikh, announces the "education passport" that grants refugees education certificates on passing the courses by distance learning!

Imagine the number of graduates that we will achieve when their graduation transcripts are stamped with the Saudi seal. Not to speak of the attendance mechanisms that will be in tandem with the “My School” (Madrasati) platform. These will open the door for volunteers to teach, with the ensuing follow-up of the volunteering teachers and awarding them medals for “Educating Refugees”.

We have many Saudi capabilities and holders of postgraduate degrees. We have the right to be proud of them and show them off. These capabilities are embellished by the unique attributes of the Saudis — their love for doing good, and giving charity and assistance to others. Let us think and plan for this and start at the beginning of 2021.

Yes, we are moving from the stage of investing in education locally to investing globally, and competing knowledge providers are not interested in dormant minds that want to be spoon-fed with knowledge.

On the contrary, they are interested in those who get up from their seats and depart on board the train, standing on their feet and carrying a single bag on their trips. There is no place in the lines of my article for ‘velvet minds’ that are looking for ‘pink spaces’. You either compete, take the initiative and take pride in your education, or wait for a new deluge of ignorance!

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September 16, 2020
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