France, Japan welcome UAE-Israel deal as positive step


PARIS/TOKYO — France and Japan welcomed the agreement between the UAE and Israel to further stop Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories.

In a statement issued in Paris on Thursday, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Israel's decision to suspend its planned annexation of areas of the occupied West Bank under the historic agreement is a "positive step".

"The accord paved the way for a resumption of talks between Israelis and Palestinians with the aim to establish two states, which is the only option to achieve peace in the region," the Ministry added.

In Tokyo, the Japanese government too welcomed on Friday the joint statement issued by the US, UAE and Israel.

A statement issued by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the agreement to halt annexation of Israeli annexation of the Palestinian territories as a "positive move and a first step toward easing tension and stabilization in the region."

Austria too has welcomed the announcement of the joint statement by the us, UAE and Israel. In a statement released in Vienna, the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the announcement as "a historic step towards a more peaceful and prosperous Middle East." — WAM