Music Authority chief overjoyed with tremendous response to tweet on music

Jihad Al-Khalidi, the Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Music Authority.

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Jihad Al-Khalidi, the Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Music Authority, was overjoyed with the tremendous response for the tweet she posted recently on her official Twitter account.

In her tweet, Jihad asked all those who are interested in music in the Kingdom to share their most significant music moments related to Eid Al-Fitr celebrations. The response came in the form of various musical dramas based on famous old and new songs and folk dances.

Jihad stressed that the interaction with the lovers of music on the social media platform reflects the true meaning of the musical profession and its influential role in the Saudi society. “It also gave an important indication of the extent of the passion of the community members for music and their keenness to interact with any initiative that gives them an opportunity to present their talents and express them creatively in an inspiring way.”

Jihad expressed her immense pride in the abundance of national musical talents, and the higher level of awareness about the social and aesthetic importance of music. “Music represents an important social reflection in which the cultural expression of the emotional state of the members of society is embodied, whether in joy, love or other noble human feelings. Eid Al-Fitr is an occasion of joy and jubilation and it has great musical documentation that reflects its value to the Muslim society,” she added.