Erdogan’s duality exposed

Erdogan’s duality exposed

Undoubtedly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has exposed the contradictions of Turkish President Erdogan in a recent attack following the Turkish leader’s comment on the new US Mideast peace deal.

The sick man of Turkey has become addicted to his "bravado" and has been submitting to various dictates given to him behind the scenes. His recent capitulation was when he suspended his previous military adventure in Syria, following American pressure.

In a recent report, the Jerusalem Post revealed the duality of Erdogan’s stance with the Israeli premier’s slamming his varying positions. Netanyahu ridiculed Erdogan by saying: “He is attacking me in public, while trade between our two countries is flourishing at a fast pace!”

Netanyahu landed this heavy blow after Erdogan attacked Israel, while rejecting the new American peace plan — ‘Deal of the Century’, and reiterating his populist "propaganda", at a time when diplomatic and trade relations between the two countries are witnessing a rapid growth.

Israeli companies are continuously opening branches inside Turkey, while Turkish contracting companies are carrying out and completing their huge contracts in Tel Aviv building settlements!

"Tricksters" are usually victims of their own delusions, and Erdogan is the victim of his own grand delusions.

He wants to become the new Ataturk, but with a religious mindset! He wants to become the first Ottoman Sultan since the collapse of the empire of the "Sick Man of Europe" after World War I.

He also wants all these crazy whims of his to be crowned by Turkey joining the European Union (EU) and forging an alliance with Russia, while totally disregarding Turkey’s membership in the NATO alliance.

He wants to appear as the man who is capable of confronting Russia and America in northwestern Syria, while being part of the international alliance to defeat Daesh (so-called IS). All this, while Turkey’s porous borders are easy for militants to infiltrate Syria.

He also wants the superpowers to treat him as an Ottoman Sultan, with a vast illusionary empire where the Sun never sets. So one finds him carrying out tours to countries in Africa and Central Asia, in order to gain influence. This can be likened to the race among countries to colonize those regions during olden times.

It has started to become clear, day after day, that Erdogan is a big burden on global politics, and his "deferred resolution" of problems with the administration of US President Donald Trump will create a host of problems for the Turkish state in the future.

In addition, Erdogan’s aspiration of forging an impossible marriage between the West and the "Brotherhood" would not materialize and, even if the impossible does happen, then the product would definitely backfire on him.

Definitely, the proliferation of Erdogan's mistakes and his antagonistic actions are exposing his real face to the world, more and more.

What has become exposed from his behavior is not the latest episode in the movie "Fantasy", in which he plays the actor, author and director!

— The author is a Saudi writer. Follow him on Twitter: @JameelAlTheyabi