Frenchwoman lives the life of a Saudi in Jazan


Saudi Gazette report

A French female tourist has donned the costume of those living on the mountains of Huroob Area, Jazan Province, in the southwestern part of Saudi Arabia.

Celine is enjoying her first visit to the region amidst the mesmerizing beautiful sceneries and historical landmarks of the region, including the castles dating back to ancient ti and the green cultivated steps on the mountain slopes in what is known as step farming.

She was accompanied by her translator, the first year intermediate school Saudi schoolboy Sari Al-Hamzi, who excelled in his knowledge on the landmarks of the region and their history, showing multifaceted creativity.

Celine said she had been dreaming of visiting Saudi Arabia since long. Now her dream has come true after the Kingdom’s decision to issue tourist visas.

She added: “This is my first visit to Saudi Arabia and it won’t be the last. I’m happy about what I’ve seen including the majestic mountains and discerned a deep-rooted heritage that reflects Saudi Arabia’s history and rich culture.”