Prison and fine for 18 accused of corruption


Saudi Gazette report

Eighteen individuals and commercial establishments have been sentenced to a total of 55 years in prison and fined over SR4 million, Saudi Press Agency quoted Public Prosecution as stating on Tuesday.

The conviction came after the corrupt individuals were thoroughly investigated and a total of 726 proofs were submitted against them.

Those sentenced include officials, employees, businessmen and some commercial establishments.

The Public Prosecution statement said that it would monitor, follow and punish corrupt persons, safeguard public funds and ensure integrity in jobs. In addition, it would implement the principle of transparency that it has been following in all the cases of concern to the society.

As to the abovementioned case, the individuals were investigated and the Public Prosecution found 726 proofs and demanded maximum penalties against them.

Among the accused in the case was an official in an executive post. He received amounts of money, privileges and profits as bribes from a businessman. These were in violation of his job duties and integrity. He used his influence and was also involved in forgery. The official was sentenced to a total of 16 years behind bars, in addition to fines.

His accomplices in some of the crimes included employees under his administration. They took advantage of their positions and influence for their personal interests. Different verdicts were issued against them based on various proofs and testimonies. They were sentenced to jail, fines and confiscation of the funds.

A businessman was accused of giving bribes to two government employees both directly and via his company and its employees, as they breached their duties and the required integrity in a government job. He was also accused of working in an unlicensed commercial activity, forging documents and taking money from people illegally. He was sentenced to a total of 16 years in prison apart from fines.

Jail sentences and fines were also issued against two employees in his company, as there was clear evidence of their involvement in several crimes.

Several verdicts were also issued against commercial establishments, including fines and depriving them from signing any contract with any government authority for a specific period, in line with the pertinent regulations for penalties.

The Public Prosecution stressed that it would not stop pursuing corrupt persons, exposing them and bringing them to justice so that they get deterrent penalties. It further emphasized that eradicating corruption is a national priority and a sustainable goal.