Aramco: Kingdom’s jewel in the hands of its people

November 06, 2019
Aramco: Kingdom’s jewel in the hands of its people

Hani Aldahri


The announcement of Aramco’s IPO through Saudi banks represents a great opportunity for safe investment presented on a gold platter. This simply means placing the most precious Saudi jewel in history into the hands of its people so that they can make direct gains. This also represents a clear indication that decision makers are keen that Saudi citizens, before anyone else, should benefit from the wealth of their country and be real partners in the Kingdom’s resources.

There is no company of this size in the world with such high profitability and those who miss the train of investment will be missing a huge profit which they deserve more than anyone else.

Aramco made it clear through the media that it intends to distribute dividends of $75 billion (SR281.25 billion) in 2020 after the approval of its board of directors.

According to the calculations of Araqam (numbers) Internet site specializing in financial markets, the profits will be SR1.406 per share taking into account the total number of shares which is 200 billion.

Investors around the world have been, during the last two years, amassing liquidity in order to buy the largest number of shares when Aramco’s IPO is announced.

The date is fast approaching and Saudi citizens who have the chance of subscribing while sitting at home will no doubt be the luckiest in purchasing shares. Other investors will try to buy shares at the lowest price if these citizens are so foolhardy as to sell their shares before making any profit from them.

I, therefore, advise all Saudis to buy the largest possible number of shares and to keep them at least for four years as the profits every share makes will be much more than the money they will bring if they are sold.

I advise Saudi citizens never to listen to those who want to buy their share of the precious jewel of the Kingdom.

The Saudi economy and the Saudi capital market will benefit in an unprecedented manner from Aramco’s IPO which will double their size and increase the rate of investment in the Kingdom to realize the goals of Vision 2030 which are aimed at achieving a prosperous economy that will first and foremost benefit Saudi citizens.

November 06, 2019
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