Al-Shubaili wins 2019 Gulf Women Leadership Award


Saudi Gazette report

A Saudi woman in charge of the women’s section in the Shoura (Consultative) Council has been awarded the “Women Leadership Award of the Year 2019 in the GCC.''

Rasha Bint Abdulrahman Bin Saleh Al-Shubaili said she was awarded the prize during a recent ceremony held in Abu Dhabi, for the seventh year consecutively, at the Government Summit for Human Resources. The ceremony was held under the auspices of the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) of Saudi Arabia, aSaudi Press Agency (SPA) report said.

A special prize titled “The Leading Woman Prize” was created this year for the first time to be added to the other categories. This year the Kingdom, and the Shoura Council leadership specifically, won the prize because of the continuous support for Saudi women by the prudent Saudi leadership.

The objective of the ceremony for “Government Summit Prizes for Human Resources at the level of GCC countries 2019,” which is held simultaneously with the summit events, is to honor outstanding contributions and accomplishments by governments, business organizations and individuals, who presented an example to be followed in leadership at the level of the institution and the working team in terms of human resources management, diversity and strategic planning.

It is noteworthy that the Government Summit for Human Resources is held for three days under the motto “Building the nation comes via developing the human capital and the basic principles for molding the personality of the future world leader”.

The participants in the Government Summit for Human Resources include the elite regional and international human resources leaders and decision-makers in the world. Foremost among these is the executive coach for Steve Jobs Group, John Matton, who is at the top of the list of executive coaches in the world. He ranks 10th in the list of the best international leaders.