Houthi terror attack on Shaybah denounced

In this file photo, Aramco staff members stand on the tarmac at the Saudi Aramco airport surrounded by sand dunes by the Shaybah oilfield, some 800 km southeast of the eastern oil center of Dhahran. — AFP

Saudi Gazette report

Saturday’s terror attack on the Shaybah natural gas field in eastern Saudi Arabia by Houthi militias was roundly condemned by several nations as well as the pan Islamic Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

In a press statement on Sunday, OIC Secretary General Dr. Yousef Al-Othaimeen said: “The OIC condemns this terrorist and criminal incident targeting the stability of the world’s energy supplies. He also reaffirmed the OIC’s position with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in taking necessary measures to maintain its security and stability.

GCC Secretary General Dr. Abdullatif Al Zayani denounced the attack, describing it as a cowardly terrorist act that threatens security and stability of the region. “Houthi militia’s continuous targeting of oil installations in the Kingdom reveals their malicious goals in endangering global energy supplies, calling on the international community to condemn these attacks, and take decisive action to deter them,” he was quoted as saying by Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The Muslim World League also denounced the attack and said it poses a threat to security and stability in the region and to the world energy supplies

Slamming the attack, Dr. Mishal Al-Sulami, speaker of the Arab Parliament, reiterated that the cowardly attack on vital installations in the Kingdom is, in fact, an attack targeting world energy supplies and a threat to the global economy. He called on the international community to assume its responsibilities and counter firmly the practice of this terrorist group and its supporters, as well as to stop such reoccurring attacks that jeopardize peace, security and stability of the region and the world. He reaffirmed the Arab Parliament’s full solidarity with the Kingdom and all measures its takes to protect its security, stability and the safety of its citizens.

Egypt condemned in the strongest terms the blatant attack on the Shaybah. In a statement, the Foreign Ministry reiterated its solidarity with the Kingdom and support for all the necessary measures to maintain the security and stability against attempts to undermine such acts.

Ambassador of Yemen to Saudi Arabia Dr. Shayae Al-Zindani denounced the attack, saying this is a threat to security and stability in the region and to the world energy supplies. He affirmed the absolute and legitimate right of the Kingdom to take all measures to protect its security and stability. Al-Zindani said that such terrorist acts would increase the Kingdom’s determination to support Yemen until the restoration of the legitimate authority of all Yemeni territories.

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation strongly condemned the terrorist act, saying it aims at destabilizing security and stability and poses a grave threat to the world’s energy supplies. The UAE reiterated its full solidarity with the Kingdom’s government and people, affirming support for all measures taken by Saudi authorities to secure the country’s security and stability, as well as any actions taken in the face of extremism and terrorism. Spokesman of Jordan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Sufian Qudah described the attack as a very dangerous escalation targeting Saudi Arabia’s stability and risks further tension in the region. Qudah voiced Jordan’s solidarity with Saudi Arabia and support for all measures aimed at preserving its security and stability against terrorism.

Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry voiced strong condemnation of the attack on Shaybah oil field. “This action aimed at destabilizing the security and stability of the Kingdom and the global energy supply, and hence it warranted an international effort to avoid crises and conflicts, and more tension in the region.

Djibouti’s Ambassador to the Kingdom Diaa Eddin Said Bakhurmah said that Djibouti considered this attack as a continuation of threats to the world oil supply. Meanwhile, Afghanistan affirmed its condemnation of all acts of sabotage and terrorism, and its full solidarity with the Kingdom to stand firmly against what affects its security and stability and targets its vital civilian facilities.