Kidnap drama at Saudi hospital; newborn girl returned to family after 48 hours

Abdul Rahman Farie is holding his brother's newborn daughter Noor, after she was returned to the family following the kidnap incident.

By Hussain Hazzazi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Saudi security authorities were able to find a newborn girl who was kidnapped from a private hospital in Jeddah and return her to the mother within 48 hours of the incident.

The Public Prosecution will start a detailed investigation into the kidnap incident once the police complete the preliminary procedures.

Abdul Rahman Farie, an uncle of the infant girl who has been named Noor, accused a woman whom he called the "Lady of the Lift" of being responsible for the kidnapping.

He ruled out the possibility of anyone taking vengeance on the family by kidnapping their baby. He said the family had no differences with anyone for them to retaliate by kidnapping their baby.

Farie said the kidnapper might have been taking revenge on the private hospital in Al-Hamra district of Jeddah but not on their family.

He said Noor was found in good health in a hospital in Al-Nahda neighborhood in north Jeddah with a paper attached to her clothes giving their phone number.

Farie said the kidnapper had enough experience in handling newborn babies because she changed her clothes after the kidnapping operation.

He believed that the news of the incident trending on social media had put pressure on the kidnapper so she must have decided to return the baby to the family.

The uncle said Noor was born early Thursday morning and she was kidnapped at 10 p.m. the same day.

He said the woman kidnapper entered the hospital in plain clothes but she went out through the staff lift in a nurse's costume.

He said the woman took the baby in her cradle after she told the mother that she was taking her to the doctor for examination but she escaped with the girl after leaving the cradle in the corridor.

Farie said the woman put the baby in a car, which was waiting at the main gate of the hospital.

He said CCTV footage from the private hospital in Al-Nahda district proved that the woman who left the baby there was the same woman who kidnapped her earlier from the hospital in Al-Hamra district.