#ProudToBelong Campaign in Jeddah launched

MAT, the iconic eyewear brand hosted the first EMEA-wide campaign, #ProudToBelong, at Beydoun Space, Jeddah, KSA. The millennial crowd of the West Coast partied Ray-Ban Style, as they enjoyed an unforgettable night with DJ Hassan Ghazzawi, followed by surprise live performances from hip-hop artists 2Fitch, Randar, Alyoung, and Ameer. Interactive corners allowed Ray-Ban to drive their message home, while giving guests the perfect Instagram backdrop!

The event was attended by Jeddah’s top YouTube Vloggers and online influencers, including. the Saudi Reporters brothers, Abdulaziz Bakr and Abdullah Bakr, Moiyad Ba, Ali Alsharief, @ShoesandDrama, Ahmad Almalki, and style influencer Nirvana Abdul & many more!

“Coming from different places mean we have different values, traditions, and roots, but despite these differences, there is a special connection we can all share through our memories and sentiments,” said Verena Morhardt, House Brand Business Manager and Lens Business Leader. “Celebrating and defining each of our own’s individualities together is what our campaign is about and we believe that this is truly what makes us #proudtobelong.”

Unique paths, universal emotions: the Ray-Ban #ProudToBelong campaign spotlights the human moments that connect us and let us find our sense of belonging.

Every one of us is on a unique journey. But no matter where you’re headed to, one thing is for certain – life moments set our paths: the laughter, the rush, the tears - these real moments of connection shape who we are. Embracing these moments, throwing ourselves headfirst into every part of the journey – that’s when we find our path to belonging and where we can be our real selves. It’s not just about belonging, it’s about being proud of it.

Celebrating the shared moments that connect us, the #proudtobelong campaign focuses on three key sentiments that bring to life the very essence of our products: vulnerability & empathy, passion & joy, and confidence & pride. — SG