Saudi Arabia affirms global role to confront terror threat to sea navigation


Saudi Gazette report

The Council of Ministers on Tuesday reaffirmed the common responsibility of the global community in ensuring the safety of sea navigation and security of oil tankers to ward off the negative impacts on the energy markets and jeopardizing the world economy.

Denouncing the recent terror attacks targeting Saudi oil pumping stations, and commercial vessels off the coast of UAE, the Cabinet stressed the importance of confronting all terrorist entities that carry out such subversive acts, including the Iran backed Houthi militias, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

In a statement to Saudi Press Agency following the session, Minister of Media Turki Al-Shabanah said that the Council emphasized that the recent terror attacks targeted not only the Kingdom but also the safety of the world’s energy supplies and the global economy.

The Cabinet affirmed that these acts of terrorism and sabotage against vital installations, including two oil pumping stations on the East-West pipeline which transports Saudi oil from the Eastern Province to Yanbu port on the Red Sea coast in addition to the recent attack on commercial vessels in the Arabian Gulf, not only target the Kingdom but also the security of world oil supplies and the global economy.

Al-Shabanah said the Cabinet reiterated the Kingdom’s denunciation of the subversive acts that targeted civilian commercial vessels last Sunday near the regional waters of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Gulf of Oman.

“This terrorist attack which targeted two Saudi oil tankers while on their way to cross the Arabian Gulf constitutes a flagrant threat on the security and safety of the maritime navigation traffic, besides negatively reflecting on the regional and international peace and security,” the statement said.

The Cabinet also praised the efforts of the security authorities who wiped out a newly formed eight-member terror cell in a recent pre-emptive security operation in Qatif in the Eastern Province.