State Security: 2 terrorists killed and 2 others arrested in a preemptive operation at EP


RIYADH - Two wanted militants were killed and two others arrested in a preemptive operation in Qatif governorate, Eastern Province, at dawn on Sunday, Saudi Press Agency quoted the Presidency of State Security Spokesman as stating Monday.

These came as a result of the pertinent authorities at the Presidency monitoring terrorist activities in Qatif governorate.

In a preemptive operation in coordination with the Eastern Province security authorities, the Presidency personnel spotted four wanted terrorists in a Tahoe SUV driving towards Abu Hadriyah Road. They intended to carry out a terrorist act they had planned beforehand.

When the security authorities blocked their way and ordered them to surrender, they started firing at the security men, so the latter fired back, leading to damaging the terrorists’ vehicle. They fled to a nearby gas station and threw a hand grenade, causing a fire in part of the gas station. They wanted to distract attention, so that as to escape being captured by the security men. They even seized a tanker truck at gunpoint. The security men were able to damage the tanker truck some 2 km away from another gas station.

The operation resulted in the killing of two terrorists; Majed Ali Abdulraheem Al-Faraj and Mahmood Ahmed Ali Aal Zarea, both Saudis. Two other wanted terrorists were arrested and for the interest of the investigation, their identity will not be disclosed at present, the spokesman said.

All of the terrorists mentioned here are previous convicts. They were linked with several terror incidents that occurred earlier in Qatif. They included firing gunshots at citizens, expatriates and security men, as well as attacking and vandalizing public utilities, and security and economic installations, disrupting public life; carrying out various crimes including thefts, armed robberies, kidnapping, rapes, smuggling and dealing in drugs.

A Bahraini woman was wounded when she stopped at the gas station with her family. The Pakistani driver of the tanker truck and two security men sustained injuries. They are all receiving treatment.

On searching the terrorists’ vehicle, the security men found and seized an AK-47 assault rifle, two pistols, 7 machine gun magazines, one pistol magazine, two highly explosive bombs, one sound bomb, a forged Bahraini identity card for the wanted militant Majed Ali Al-Faraj, cash amount of SR66,178; some126 submachine gun bullets, and 15 pistol bullets.

While announcing this, the Presidency of State Security stresses that it is forging ahead with all firmness and strength in pursuing terrorists, tightening the noose around them, apprehending them and foiling their plans, which they are carrying out to serve foreign agendas. It will bring them to justice so that they get the punishment they deserve for the crimes they perpetrated, including terrorizing innocent citizens.

At the same time, the Presidency reiterates its call to all wanted persons to surrender to the security authorities and not to persist in falsehood.

It also warns everyone who deals with them that they will be held accountable. The Presidency appeals to whoever has information on any of these wanted militants to report them fast by dialing the number 990 or to the nearest security agency. – SPA