Our duty is get rid of evil people: Asheikh


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Abdullateef Al Asheikh warned against the Arab Spring revolutions, describing them as “poisonous and destructive” for Muslims and Arab, due to the destruction of countries, peoples and properties.

Speaking at the final gathering for Cooperative Offices’ religious callers on Friday here, Al Asheikh stressed that giving a free reign to those who cause sedition and evil and toy with peoples’ emotions leads to displacement, killings and destruction of nations.

The minister emphasized the necessity for unity and cohesion, “until we are able to rid the country of the evil people, those believing in heresies and falsehoods and Muslim Brothers and Kharijites (Khawarij or renegades) and those following their footsteps.”

He also said: “All these are caused by people who propagate sedition and politicize religion for worldly gains and attempting to grab power.”

“The Kingdom is facing an unjust attack by the enemies of Islam. What has increased the agony, harm, sorrow and regret is that there are Muslims who are spreading sedition, creating discord and inciting people against their rulers and leaders,” Al Asheikh added.

He called on the ministry’s personnel to seek perfection in their work and call people to Islam away from any deviant thought or extremism.

Al Asheikh demanded renouncing deviant thought, bad trends and abominable partisanship.