Discover Mindful Living with Mantra the Label


Saudi Gazette

Many young Saudis are helping to evolve the rapidly growing health industry, with innovative concepts that reflect a mindful and holistic approach. This week we spoke to Lena and Bayan, founders of Mantra the Label, who want to make ‘Mindful Living’ a relatable concept and a way of life in Saudi Arabia. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention and being present in the moment that originated in Eastern meditation practices.

Bayan described herself as a Transformational Sound and Panic Healing Practitioner, Breath Work Facilitator and a yogi.

Lena, on the other hand is a self-acclaimed mindfulness-based writer, a health foodie, recipe developer, food stylist photographer and blogger.

The duo launched Mantra in February last year.

Mindful living

We refer to it as a space dedicated to the Art of Mindfulness and the nurturing of the mind, body and soul. We have a blog, called The Daily Mantra and a shop, which is Mantra the Label.

For instance, we have created life updates category for the blog, full of articles written by us on how to incorporate Mindfulness into your daily life, a recipes category, with lots of healthy and nutritious easy recipes for you to make yourself and for your families to eat mindfully.

Furthermore under the ‘Mindful Meditation’ umbrella, we post daily quotes to motivate. We sell products that are chosen with consideration to Mindful Consumption, that aid your path to stillness and self love.

Our product list includes reusable healing crystal elixir water bottles, microfiber towels, Auric sprays, and healing crystal infused bath salts.

We also supply health food shops with healthy gluten free, refined sugar free and dairy free treats that are made with love and consideration.

Health and Wellness in Saudi Arabia

There is definitely a heightened focus on health and wellness. Not only eating healthy but leading a more of well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

While being health conscious is a great thing, Mantra’s role we would say reinforces more of a mindful approach to your health.

We are all about mindful meditation, practicing gratitude, breathing right, kindness, compassion, eating mindfully, consuming mindfully, body movement, yoga and so on.

Mantra has a mind-body approach. Mindfulness should no longer be a foreign concept, as it can protect us from toxic stress and can easily, with practice be integrated into one’s life.

When we all commit to being mindful, we’ll find our greatest potential.

Eating Right

Our blog recipes and the packaged food products that we sell are natural, clean, vibrant, full of flavor and goodness. We at Mantra love creating healthier, nutrient dense alternatives to our favorite comfort food staples, and bringing joy to every meal or treat.

Mindful eating isn’t about counting calories, or sticking to dietary restrictions of a fad diet. It’s about practicing self-love.

As a result, you are mindful of your food choices, always go for what’s better for you and enjoying your food the right way.

Vision 2019

We foresee a surge in this market. Health and Wellness trends will reach new heights.

Though we have to say that Mindfulness is not a Trend. It’s a shift, movement, practice that has been enlightening people for hundreds of years and will continue to do so.

For 2019, we are very excited to learn more, create more, be more engaging, eco-conscious and of course mindful.