We are well wishers of India: Safi

Saudi Gazette

“We are not bad wishers of India. We are the best wishers of it,” said All Parties Hurriyet Conference Azad Jammu and Kashmir Chapter (APHC-AJK) convener Ghulam Mohammad Safi, while adding, “We want India to develop and become prosperous, but in addition to this we understand, and this is our perception, that our region cannot develop nor achieve prosperity until the problem in Kashmir is resolved.”

Safi was visiting Saudi Arabia on the invitation of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to attend the photo exhibition and seminar jointly organized by Pakistan Consulate General Jeddah and OIC at the Secretariat of OIC to mark Kashmir Black Day.

Speaking to Saudi Gazette after the event, Safi emphasized the importance of peace in the region. He said without harmony and friendly relations between India and Pakistan all the good wishes will remain a dream.”

Safi mentioned that the Kashmir was never a part of India, therefore, they should not call us separatists. The separatists are those who are part of India and then want to be separated from it. We were not part of India, so India should not call u separatists nor as terrorists. We are doing a struggle for freedom according to the resolution of the United Nations, and we want that India should respect it.

He said that the world community acknowledged the self-determination of the Kashmiris seventy-one years ago, now the time is ripe to bring about peaceful solution according to the UN resolutions.

The UN High Commissioner in his recent report called on India to respect the right to self-determination and International law, he added.