The US Senate’s unjustified stand


Okaz newspaper

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia did well in responding to the United States Senate through an official statement. It was important to issue that statement using direct and strong language expressing the Kingdom’s official stand, which is also the official stand of the Saudi people.

The Saudi people do not accept any foreign interference in their local affairs. Their country is strong with its own sovereignty and dignity, and the Saudi people want to see it respected both at home and abroad. They realize that their strength is derived from the strength of their country.

The United States Senate has crossed a line by interfering in the internal affairs of the Kingdom and targeting its leadership and policies. The Senate has relied on accusations and charges that are false, which only serves to show the arrogance of the American political mind. Do they still believe that they are managing and controlling the entire world, and that all countries are American colonies?

Instead of dealing with facts and authenticated information, they are instead creating lies that help them achieve their objectives. This was clear in the lies that they created to justify attacking and occupying Iraq. They claimed that Iraq had nuclear weapons, which in the end turned out to be untrue, with both America and Great Britain finally admitting it.

If America was able to lie before to destroy an entire country and hand it over to terrorist organizations, this time the world will not believe that lie. No country is willing to surrender its fate to the United States Senate.

Saudi Arabia has expressed its regret that the US Senate does not respect America’s historical relationship with the Kingdom, which plays an important role in combating terrorism, preserving regional and world peace and building a positive relationship with the international community. The stand taken by the United States Senate will not serve to strengthen the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia, a country that continues to have great influence in the Arab and Muslim world.