Comedians of the World


Saudi Gazette

Netflix brings together 47 comedians from 13 regions in an unprecedented stand-up comedy experience launching on the 1st of January 2019. Saudi Gazette caught up with the Middle Eastern acts that were chosen from among thousands in the region.

The series will feature specials from four of the region’s top comedians- Ibraheem Alkhairallah and Moayad Alnefaie from KSA, Adi Khalefa from Palestine and Rawsan Hallak from Jordan.

“The comedy scene in KSA is great- its rich but needs more focus on shows and sitcoms. I haven’t seen sitcoms in more than two years. I grew up watching Tash ma tash and I think we need more than just skits. My friends and I are working on a few things on Youtube right now. I do stand up comedy as well and now Comedians of the World allows me to share the space with 47 comedians. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to do this with Netflix,” Alkhairallah told Saudi Gazette. “I am super-excited and happy to be a part of this world. When I opened the app yesterday I saw COTW after Dave Chappelle and he’s my idol. So it’s a proud feeling and I feel closer to that stage and to the master of comedy,” Alkhairallah said. Discussing the potential and significance of Netflix, he said the high percentage of viewers and subscriptions’ coming for comedy alone, is exciting. “When Netflix chose certain comedians for Just For Laughs, I was super-happy to be selected. I think it gives us more reach, views and the show will be translated into more languages so that’s also another opportunity,” Alkhairallah said. Comedy is still one of the most popular categories in entertainment in the Kingdom.

Khalefa from Palestine said being where he is today was once something he could only dream about. “Back home I was just doing shows. It is great to reach this international stage and to be honest I felt honored when chosen. I knew one day I would reach this stage so I am super grateful to Netflix for giving us the platform,” Khalefa told Saudi Gazette.

Hallak said it is a very important movement. “To be able to go global and for everyone to see and understand our stand up especially talking about female issues. We are so honored and happy to be a part of it,” Hallak told Saudi Gazette.

“It’s really huge- to be a part of this project. It really gives me hope to be able to continue protecting my dreams. I’m excited to see the viewers’ reaction. Netflix gave us this stage which is the first step towards something greater,” Khalefa added. All episodes will drop in one go on the 1st of January.

The global talent line-up includes:


Moayad Alnefaie

Adi Khalefa

Rawsan Hallak

Ibraheem Alkhairallah


Neal Brennan

Chris D’Elia

Nicole Byer

Nick Swardson


Joel Creasey

Urzila Carlson

Nazeem Hussain

Cal Wilson


Louis-José Houde

François Bellefeuille

Katherine Levac

Adib Alkhalidey


Ivan Decker

DeAnne Smith

K. Trevor Wilson

Dave Merheje


Loyiso Gola

Loyiso Madinga

Tumi Morake

Riaad Moosa


Nish Kumar

Joel Dommett

Mae Martin

Ellie Taylor


Shirley Souagnon

Jason Brokerss

Tania Dutel

Donel Jack’sman


Franco Escamilla

Hugo El Cojo Feliz

Gaby Llanas


Afonso Padilha

Thiago Ventura

Mhel Marrer


Soundos El Ahmadi

Martijn Koning

Rayen Panday


Enissa Amani

Ilka Bessin

Kaya Yanar


Aditi Mittal

Atul Khatri

Amit Tandon