In Ad Diriyah... Saudi youth steal hearts with their art


RIYADH — Photographers, artists, calligraphists and more; Saudi Arabian innovation is on the rise, and it will be on show at the Formula E 2018 event in the history city of Ad Diriyah located in the capital Riyadh, from Dec. 13 to Dec. 15. Within this piece we present to you the most creative Saudi minds in various fields and their different skillsets that will be showcased to audiences across the region. Each talent has a unique vibe that helps them connect with audiences and create a wow factor that has been a key part of their success in stealing audience’s hearts. The most exciting part about this group of innovative minds is that they come from all ages, as participants even as young as 17 years old have shown their excellence on the regional stage.

The first participant is Heba, a self-taught photographer based in Riyadh who places a special focus on portraits and her love or street life. Influenced by playful narratives, color, lights and elegance, Heba enjoys creating stories with a cinematic approach. She is also inspired by strength, unique beauty and timeless style.

The second photographer is Fahad Bahada — a commercial and artistic photographer — based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He explains, “when I'm not taking photos, you'll find me educating people in art, exploring the world, or spending time with friends and family”.

Following Bahada is the calligraphist Marhoum. The two most appropriate words that come to mind when describing Marhoum’s approach to art are sensitivity and accuracy. Marhoum’s first love as a young boy was calligraphy and to this date it fuels his soul with energy and positivity.

The upcoming participant is Abdulaziz, a young amateur photographer who turned professional in 2016. Throughout his work, Abdulaziz wants to show the liveliness of Saudi Arabia to the rest of the world. He wants to express that Saudi Arabia is a country of love and happiness, but no matter how much it develops, it will always stay true to its traditions.

Following Abdulaziz is Musaed Al Hulis (born in 1973 in Al Baha) — the first of the artists — and he holds a master’s degree in Design and Analysis of Vehicle Systems from the University of Huddersfield in the UK. Due to his extensive support of the arts movement in Saudi Arabia, he has received several certificates and awards of appreciation.

Visual artist Hussein Al Mohasen (born in 1971 in Qatif) is next and this man has been active on the Gulf art scene since 1999 when his work was first exhibited at the Al-Janadriya Festival in his native Saudi Arabia. Since that period, he has occupied a place alongside the pioneering Saudi artists.

The next artist is Turki Alromaih, a Saudi artist who is known for his vivid, colorful, and large-scale murals and paintings. Using styles such as graffiti, street art, pop art, and a bit of spontaneous realism, his work reflects human complexity and emotion.

The exciting Mazen Al Shamrani, also known as MAZGRAFFITI, is one of the graffiti artists, and he comes from Jeddah. He started his career in early 2004 and contributed at more than 5 international events with more than 130 artists from all around the world.

Following Al Shamrani is Mohamad Ghulman, a calligrapher and product designer born and raised in Jeddah too. Due to his bad handwriting as a youngster, he looked to develop his capabilities and this is where he found his passion in Arabic calligraphy. He then added English calligraphy to his skillset at a later stage. Furthermore, Ghulman is humble as a result of the accomplishments he achieved after initial struggles. He’s always available to lend a helping hand, just like people did for him before.

Finally, we have the veteran Nughaimshi. Since the early stages of his life he has been influenced by visual and kinetic arts. He is also passionate about Typography and Symbolism. What Nughaimshi presents is a conceptual art that mixes performance, contemporary Arabic characters and nature to create harmony between them. He has participated in several Gulf and international exhibitions, including eight in the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait.