Exploring Agra


WANT to have fun in Agra? Here are four interesting activities you and your friends can partake in as soon as your plane lands in New Delhi, India — the nearest airport to Agra.

Traveling is a fun hobby that allows you to expand your horizons and learn from different cultures. However, it can be difficult to find the spots that are worth viewing. Fortunately, we help you by showing you the top 4 tourist attractions in Agra!

Historically, the Taj Mahal took over 22 years to build with over 20,000 skilled workers to create the Taj Mahal, the ultimate symbol of love. Here, you’ll get a glimpse of the hard work, dedication, and skill needed to craft this masterpiece that’s renowned for its architectural glory.

Join a marble inlay workshop to help better understand the Mogul heritage and artisans carving intricate designs through Indian marble and semi-precious stones.

Watch the Emperor Shah Jahaan Drama Play

It would be wrong to say that Agra is synonymous with the Taj Mahal. Any mention to avoid seeing this monument is futile. So if you’ve already experienced Taj Mahal’s beauty then its time to witness the love story of Mumtaz Mahal and Emperor Shahjahan in a realistic theater. From a dramatic love story to the explanation of the Mogul lifestyle — all of it is here. You don’t want to miss out the amazing sound and light show by the Taj replica.

Go Bazaar Hopping

Experience the interesting city like a local, with an immersive tour in one of the most iconic bazaars in Agra. Take some exquisite zardozi embellishments and jewelry in the Kinari Baker, look at the handcraft and leather good shopping in Sadar Bazar or understand the small nuances of Mogul cuisine and shop at the Daresi Bazaar as apart of this interesting tour.

Make sure to ask your guide for some foodie stopovers while you can engage in shopping for your favorite items.

Interactive Cooking Session

Here is your chance to make some north-Indian cuisine, and know the ingredients that make a lip-smacking meal. You should buy condiments and spices as you can join a local family and walk through local bazaars in their kitchen when they cook a Mughlai meal with you. Take in the aroma on freshly ground spices — the flavors of this home-cooked meal is hard to forget.

How to Travel From Delhi to Agra

Whichever hotel you’re residing at, they will help you arrange a driver and car also when arriving from Delhi to Agra. Having gone through the process to Agra.

Hotel prices can range from depending on if you want a one-way trip, or a return trip without a guide when you’re returning to Agra. If you enjoy sleeping overnight in Agra, you’ll be able to enjoy the Taj Mahal sunrise before driving back to Delhi.


To conclude, we believe that Agra is a beautiful place to travel to on your next vacation. Not only is it home for some of the most interesting temples and artifacts, but there is a multitude of bazaars there for you to shop around. Thus, mark Agra as your next destination in your trip as you’ll find a lot of interesting activities and events occurring in the city. (Courtesy eTN)