The world must condemn the Houthis for the Yemen crisis

December 12, 2018
The world must condemn the Houthis for the  Yemen crisis

Hamoud Abu Taleb


Saudi Arabia is being unfairly targeted on the situation in Yemen with disregard to logic and the facts that everyone knows. The coalition forces are attempting to restore legitimacy in Yemen. Led by the Kingdom, they are fighting to prevent an outlaw militia gang controlled by outside forces from hijacking the legal institutions of the country.

The coalition wants to prevent Yemen from being used by foreign countries to carry out their criminal agendas. Saudi Arabia will never allow a backward organization and an agent of a terrorist country that is an enemy of the GCC and the Arab world to engineer a conspiracy against it, to impose its power in Yemen and then make it a launch pad for an attack on the Kingdom and neighboring countries.

When the situation in Yemen was discussed by some members of the US Congress, they spoke about it as if Saudi Arabia was responsible for the destruction in Yemen and not the Houthis, with the support of Iran. These people have turned a blind eye to the more than 200 ballistic missiles that have been launched against the Kingdom. They totally ignore the fact that humanitarian aid is being seized by the Houthi group, which is kidnapping, killing and torturing the Yemeni people.

Furthermore, the talks in Sweden will most likely end like those held before, unless the international community applies pressure on the Houthis to force them to end the pain and suffering of the Yemeni people.

The US administration has said that there is no place for any Iranian threat to Saudi Arabia and the UAE with regard to Yemen. The American administration is strongly against suspending military support to the coalition forces, which is being promoted by some members of Congress who are unaware of the real danger of Houthi behavior in the Gulf and in the region.

We hope that the US administration will stand strong in its support for the coalition forces, especially as it has already classified the Houthis as a terrorist group.

December 12, 2018
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