PISJ-ES celebrates birth anniversary of ‘Poet of the East’


Saudi Gazette

Students of Pakistan International School Jeddah-English Section (PISJ-ES) celebrated the 141st birth anniversary of legendary Poet Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal the “Poet of the East” in the school Auditorium with great reverence and enthusiasm.

The celebration was to pay tribute to the great philosopher and breathe in our youth the urge to mold their personalities on Iqbal’s undying attributes of ‘Khudi’, ‘Momin’ and ‘Shaheen’.

Students from the junior and middle school presented spectacular performances on Iqbal’s moral and thought-provoking poems including the ever-popular hymn (Ya Rub dil e Muslim ko) and sonnets, highlighting the importance of human and social bonds with the strong ties of hope, harmony and peace through a universally relatable love of a mother towards her child in ‘Maanka Khawab’.

Moreover, the soulful orchestra, reflecting upon the past glories of Islamic civilization and golden scruples of our ancestors took the audience through a melodious time wrap. What resonated in the auditorium and captivated audience with awe was the passionately perfect delivery of Iqbal’s verses, which stimulated insight to contemplate on Iqbal’s perceptions to become a complete human being and a true Muslim.

Emphasizing upon Iqbal’s deep adage of Khudi, Principal Adnan Nasir said, in his welcome speech, “To understand Khudi, we need to pass through a series of strenuous stages of our innate perplexed feelings of self-admittance and self-denial which are armored to fight against the fierceness of our self.”

He assured, “If we start evaluating ourselves, then nothing external but our own self will guide us to identify right from wrong, virtues from vices, purity from ostentatiousness just by attending to our inner voice — in our designated roles as fathers, brothers, sons, mothers, sisters, students and teachers.”

He urged the youth to read his pre-eminent masterpieces of literature like ‘secret of life’ and relate the teachings to self-actualize rather than being the captive of conceptualization.

The program concluded with a round of applause for all who contributed to organize such a spiritually stirring and flawless event. Later, the participants had a group photo with the principal and received their ‘Certificates of Appreciation’.