Muslim women in the US Congress

November 14, 2018
Muslim women in the 
US Congress

Hamoud Abu Taleb

Okaz newspaper

Last week, in the US midterm elections, two Muslim women were elected to Congress for the first time ever, in an election that grabbed the attention of people from all over the world. The election of the two Muslim women was covered intensively in Western media.

Some Arab media and social media platforms went overboard in celebrating because they were Muslim women, as if this was an historical achievement. And as if these two women would address the issues of Muslims around the world, making it their main goal during their time in Congress.

There is nothing wrong in celebrating their election to Congress, but it is not right to exaggerate its importance. The main reason they were elected in the first place is because they were American citizens who are committed to American values and the culture of American society and because they belong to a political party and believe in its philosophy and principles.

They managed to slowly gain work experience and political maturity that qualified them to enter the election.

The two Muslim Congresswomen do not have any relationship to the countries and the society where they were originally from. They are not concerned with the problems and crises facing Muslim societies. Their main goal is to serve the interests of America, the country that granted them its citizenship and made it possible for them to reach Congress, even if Muslims are not in favor of some of those interests.

Their work in Congress does not have anything to do with their religion or original culture. It is the political activity of an American citizen who was elected to carry out work in accordance with the US Constitution.

Two Muslim women reaching Congress only shows the great laws and regulations of American democracy that America is adhering to in order to run its affairs, and nothing more.

November 14, 2018
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