Royal Commission for Al-Ula Announces the start of implementation of Rock Climbing Plans


  • The Royal Commission for Al-Ula (RCU) announced the start of implementation of plans to develop rock climbing at Al-Ula with long-term plans to promote adventure sport offerings more broadly in the region.
  • RCU and the Saudi Climbing Federation (SCF) will work together in a partnership to develop the rock climbing opportunities in Al-Ula.

The Royal Commission for Al-Ula (RCU) and the Saudi Climbing Federation (SCF) established a partnership today, committing to work together to develop rock-climbing initiatives and create a brand-new rock-climbing environment in the Al-Ula region.

Al-Ula is home to some of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes and rock formations that make it the perfect site for rock climbing enthusiasts and adventure tourists from around the globe. Rock climbing will give visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom an opportunity to explore Al-Ula and its beautiful landscapes, live extraordinary adventures and discover new places that have been seen by few in the world.

Through a partnership established by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Saudi Climbing Federation (SCF) and RCU, the SCF will develop a range of recommended routes throughout the Al-Ula region and offer rock climbers of all abilities, from amateur to professional, and of all ages, to explore the area. Climbers from all over will flock to Al-Ula to explore this newest adventure rock-climbing destination in the heart of the desert.

RCU and the SCF spent the weekend from 11 October to 14 October exploring the site and beginning to identify come of the most beautiful, thrilling and adventurous climbing routes. It was the first time that such a large group of climbers from the Federation and from all over the world, were able to come together to climb, and the party was headed by His Highness Bandar Al Saud and Yasmin Gahtani, Saudi Arabia’s first female rock climbing instructor (certified by AMGA).

On the development of rock climbing in Al-Ula, Yasmin Gahtani said:

Rock climbing is a sport anyone can get involved in and the routes we will be developing at Al-Ula will enable many people of every age, gender and level of experience to come and get involved with this activity. The sense of achievement of reaching the top is unparalleled and with views as fantastic as those at Al-Ula, one can’t help but be inspired.”

This partnership is part of RCU’s mission to transform Al-Ula into a leading global destination in adventure, nature and wellness as well as in cultural and historical experiences that appeals to a worldwide audience. In addition to this, the local community of Al-Ula is at the heart of the initiatives implemented by RCU and they will be working with SCF to train locals of Al-Ula as climbing guides and safety officers to stimulate local job growth and support the local economy.