Why don’t we respect traffic laws?



People learn about the principles of road safety in driving schools. However, many of the things that are taught in these schools are not applied practically on the road. Our streets are the real driving schools and they have courses that are based on the reality of the situation that drivers face every day.

Many of us when we drive are on full alert for the many surprises we are going to face on the road because people fail to apply the rules of driving and adhere to traffic laws. Many believe that our streets are big enough to absorb law-abiding drivers and reckless drivers at the same time.

While the traffic department attempts to apply rules and deal with violations, there is a lack of an educational approach and a general failure of drivers to follow traffic laws.

As a result, our streets are not safe. Daily we face reckless drivers who violate the law, harm people and cause chaos on the road.

We must bring back respect for the law, which must be enforced and applied on all of our roads in order to bring back respect for traffic officials. Many countries have fixed the traffic problems that they were suffering from.

When our children drive in these countries, they respect the traffic laws. This means that it should not be difficult for them to respect the law in their own country in the same way that they respect it abroad. The culture of respecting the law is the real principal here, regardless of which country you are in.