Justice is the basis of governance

October 23, 2018
Justice is the basis 
of governance
Hani Aldahri


WITH the announcement by the public prosecutor offering the details of the investigation into the death of Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia proved to the whole world that it is a country that respected justice and the rule of law. Saudi Arabia is a country where no one can faces injustice. Saudi Arabia proved that it is a guardian of human rights enshrined in Islamic Shariah and international conventions.

Jamal›s case is now transferred to the judiciary and justice will take its course, with the personal attention and follow-up by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, who is leading this country with wisdom.

No one who was involved in this case, be it a small employee, big official or a minister, will escape justice. Saudi Arabia is not a banana republic without any laws or institutions. Saudi Arabia is country with a long history going back to three centuries. It is a country that went through crises and wars, and emerged stronger every time. Saudi Arabia is capable of winning in the face of all the defamation campaigns and extortions, which are launched on the country from multiple fronts from across the world since the start of October because of the Khashoggi case.

The royal decrees on this case came to stress the importance of transparency. Saudi Arabia assures that it is moving forward for a mass reform that extended to reach the department of general intelligence. This department will undergo complete restructuring and fix all its problems through a committee headed by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, the godfather of change and the new Saudi Arabian vision.

The Saudi people are aware of the defamation campaigns and extortion tactics launched on the country, coinciding with the case of Jamal Khashoggi. These campaigns are not innocent and they are not meant to seek justice. They are orchestrated by intelligence agencies of enemy countries. They are using the media to achieve their sole political goal, which is to put obstacles before the new development projects this country is undertaking. They want to keep Saudi Arabia embroiled in continuous economic and political troubles so that it suffers the same fate of countries that were affected by the so-called «Arab Spring». This will not happen because the Saudi people are united. They stand behind their leaders and have full trust in them.

The Western media is shocked to see the unity of the Saudi people and their full allegiance with their leaders despite the vicious media campaigns. The Washington Post published a long report expressing their shock with the reactions of the Saudi people on social media to its virulent reports. It then called for the Twitter administrators to interfere and protect the newspaper from the taunts of Saudi Twitterers. The same thing was done by another news network that went on to claim the possibility of a Saudi cyber army that is targeting Western media by replying to their false claims. They claimed that it is impossible for the whole people of a country to pledge their full allegiance to its leaders.

What is for sure is the enemies of Saudi Arabia cannot harm the country no matter how loud they shout. Justice will take its course in a country that sees equity as the basis of governance. The Saudi people are united with their leaders and the position of Saudi Arabia religiously, economically and politically enables it to impose punishment on others, not the other way around.

October 23, 2018
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