Cloud crucial for scaling innovations in Saudi Arabia

October 17, 2018

Samar Yahya

Saudi Gazette

“Cloud has reached the tipping point in Saudi Arabia, with fourth-fifths of IT decision-makers recognizing how the cloud is vital for scaling innovations for Intelligent Enterprise and Smart Cities,” said Khaled Alsaleh, Managing Director, SAP Saudi Arabia, speaking to Saudi Gazette during GITEX Technology Week that will conclude today (Oct. 18)

“Intelligent Enterprises, and Smart Cities such as NEOM, can leverage emerging technology innovations to meet and predict citizens’ needs in real-time, enhance urban competitiveness, and transform the economy, society, and environment in line with Saudi Vision 2030.”

Saudi Arabia has strong potential for the cloud to enable Saudi Vision 2030 and Smart Cities, which is agreed upon by two-thirds (66 percent) of IT decision-makers in the Kingdom, the survey added.

Cloud is the foundation for Saudi business and Smart Cities innovation, with 83 percent of IT-decision makers saying cloud is important for integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, and blockchain, according to a new YouGov survey launched today during GITEX Technology Week.

Public-private partnerships are bringing to life Smart City deployments, especially NEOM. Supporting Saudi Arabia’s Smart Cities, SAP is the first multi-national enterprise applications company to invest in and go live on a Digital Hub and cloud data center in Saudi Arabia. As a result, Saudi Arabia’s Smart Cities can run in real-time, integrate emerging technologies, and meet data sovereignty regulations.

“As Saudi cloud adoption is set grow in maturity through 2019, a majority of respondents understand the benefits of the cloud in enabling Saudi Vision 2030 and Smart Cities, and integrating emerging technologies,” said Kerry McLaren, Director Omnibus, YouGov MENA. “Saudi Arabia’s organizations and Smart Cities can integrate emerging technologies to develop cloud-native applications and optimize citizen experiences.”

The YouGov survey covered 306 CIOs and IT decision-makers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Across the Middle East and North Africa, innovative public-private partnerships are powering the future of Smart Cities; from Dubai in the UAE to NEOM in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SAP is the first multi-national enterprise application software company with live cloud data centers in the UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the latter part of a wider Saudi Arabia Digital Hub.

Pushing the boundaries of future urban mobility in Smart Cities, SAP is marking the Middle East debut of one of the world’s smartest concept vehicles at GITEX this year. Visitors to the SAP booth can experience how vehicle chassis and pods can be re-arranged for smart taxi fleets, and how connected logistics and waste management are revolutionizing the Smart City vehicular experience.

“The Middle East’s Smart Cities are global pioneers in embracing the vision of the Intelligent Enterprise. Not only are they running on the cloud, they are investing in industry vertical use cases – including connected transportation – in a manner that can transform the economy, society and the environment at large,” commented Steve Tzikakis, SAP President of South Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Dubai’s Smart City leadership makes GITEX an ideal platform to showcase how artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things can uniquely enable the future of Smart Cities.”

Showcasing the Future of Smart Cities, SAP is exhibiting under “The Intelligent Enterprise” theme at GITEX this year.

SAP is showcasing The Intelligent Entertainment Park with live Ferris Wheel demonstration. Blockchain for Supply Chain. Blockchain can expand digitization, trust, and efficiency. Smart Kicker Powered by SAP Leonardo vai a connected table football. Intelligent Enterprise and Digital Supply Chain, inspired by adidas. Future of Work and Human Resources Digital Experience – Augmented Reality scenarios with Microsoft HoloLens.

SAP offers several programs to support aspiring startups and entrepreneurs in innovating together. SAP has inspired and supported more than 950 innovators since 2015 when SAP launched global initiatives for startups in the Middle East and North Africa.

Last May, SAP announced the first live Public Cloud Data Center in the Kingdom, empowering Saudi Vision 2030 and beyond.

According to a recent report by BMI Research, as Saudi organizations invest heavily in cloud solutions, the Saudi IT market is set to reach SR33 billion in 2018.

October 17, 2018
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