Why is it Saudi business?


Okaz newspaper

SAUDI ARABIA is a member of the G20 countries. It has one of the biggest sovereignty funds in the world. Its economy is getting bigger and bigger every moment. It pumps 10 million barrels of oil every day. Its investment is one of the most important sectors in the international economy. It is a disaster to threaten economic punishment on Saudi Arabia just because a Saudi citizen disappeared and no one knows his fate except certain channels that are linked to the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, such as the Qatari channel Al-Jazeera.

The world needs to know that threats using the word “punishment” will only encourage countries that are supporting terrorism. Saudi Arabia, which plays an important role in combating extremism and terrorism, is now being threatened with economic punishment.

Which economy is going to survive when economic sanctions are imposed on a country whose oil company is driving the first world. This is madness.

This vicious campaign against Saudi Arabia and the attempt to make it look like an evil country will definitely fail. This spiteful campaign is driven by hatred and madness. This campaign is met by Saudi people who are aware of the conspiracy that it targeting our unity and sovereignty. This campaign has been met by a wise government that has dealt in the past with much worse campaigns. Saudis are united in defense for their country and they affirm that the country and its leadership are a red line that is not going to be crossed.

This vicious campaign is based on lies that are that repeated again and again until people tend to believe them. The lie will remain a lie and Saudi Arabia will stand high. We will come out from this difficult time stronger and Saudi Arabia will remain forever a country of peace and generosity.

Last September, Saudi Arabia hosted a peace agreement between the African countries of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti, which was later known as “Jeddah Peace Treaty”. A country that is supporting peace should not be treated with threats and economic punishment. This is a strategic disaster.

Those who are threatening to take measures against Saudi Arabia should know that the Kingdom has plenty of cards it can play and many other procedures it can take and that will turn the table on all those who participated in the campaign against Saudi Arabia. Committing a stupid move against Saudi Arabia will force us to take measures that will shake the world. Saudi Arabia is capable of confrontation.

There are those who were not fooled by this spiteful campaign. Saudi Arabia will remain friends with those.