Dynamic Filler ends the suffering of women with ‘Poker Face’

October 03, 2018

Samar Yahya

“Filler is a cosmetic treatment, where a substance used for subcutaneous filling, for two main purposes. The first is to reduce wrinkles caused by deficiency of collagen under the skin and scarring. Filler is used to fill empty spots caused by this deficiency, thus wrinkles fade away,” said Dr. Fadi Nasr cosmetic and dermatologic surgeon.

“The second purpose is augmentation and enlargement. Many girls suffer from deformed cheeks, thin lips, or other problems that can appear at younger age long before the wrinkles. In both cases, filler is the quick solution to eliminate these problems.”

Different types of injections are used include injections of hyaluronic acid, collagen injection, and injection of fat cells.

Dr. Nasr, explains the latest techniques currently used to avoid what has become known as the ‘poker face’ which means face stability or paralysis and inability to convey any expressions of joy or sadness

Dynamic Filler

Dynamic filler is the latest technology used in facial filler, and dynamic because it goes between layers of skin and is not sensed or noticed, but is done in a compact and natural way. Usually women feel fillers in the lips or in the neck. What makes the difference is the substance, as the injecting method is the same. The natural structure of skin includes hyaluronic acid, which gives elasticity to the skin while stimulating the natural collagen secretion, and the dynamic filers are capable of stretching and adapting to facial expression gestures.

The Permanent

There are filler injections that come up with results lasting for five years or more, but are not recommended by cosmetic physicians, because of the unknown substances and lack of tests done to ensure that they do not cause damage to the skin. Moreover, the few cases that underwent permanent face filler had complications such as skin discoloration, tumors and skin ulcers.


Any cosmetic procedure, though non-surgical, can cause damage and complications. As for facial fillers injection, it is a safe procedure yet; it may involve some damage or complications. An experienced, licensed, specialized medical practitioner must do facial filler, so that you can be fully confident and avoid any concerns, worries or complications.

Dr. Nasr explained the complications that facial fillers might cause as permanent bruising and bumps due to the uneven spreading of filler and inappropriate quantities injected.

Swelling is another skin reaction to the facial filler as a foreign body, which stimulates the immune system to fight it.

Skin rash is seen when using animal collagen and that is why sensitivity test prior to the use of filler is highly recommended.

Facial malformations happen due to excess injection of filler.

Facial muscle paralysis is because of injecting fillers in a wrong way, thus it affects the nerves and leads to muscle paralysis.

October 03, 2018
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