Saudis love their country


Okaz newspaper

Why do we Saudis have to explain our love for our country? Why is it that every time we talk about our love for our country we find those who ask us what our country has done for us? Why do some people seem to go crazy when we talk about our love for our country? Such people are nothing more than a pack of thieves trying to steal our honorable love for our homeland.

When we talk about our love we don’t mean to offend anyone. We know best about what we need, our dreams, our desires, our goals and what may be missing. We are also the ones who live with our reality. So what is it that drives some people crazy? Home in the eyes of a truthful philosophy is not a big salary, not skyscrapers and not luxuries but is something dear to the heart like a mother that you spend your whole life trying to protect.

We do not have another home, so why shouldn’t we love it? Why shouldn’t we express our love out loud? Some people talk about their love for a home made of paper, a home led by mercenaries and defended by mercenaries.

They choose to love a country made of paper and illusions. But we choose to live in a country that has history and that honors the sacrifices made by our fathers and grandfathers; a country that has Makkah, Madinah and Riyadh, a country that fought those who attempted to conquer it. We choose to give our country the love and sacrifices it deserves. We have dreams and ambitions that will not be accomplished if we follow the whims of mercenaries with no loyalty. Our dreams and ambitions will come true and let no one doubt it.

When you find a hateful person who drives a pack of outcasts and crazy people, someone who attacks and insults anyone who loves his country and insults a country that is not his, then you will know that it is all a joke that it has nothing to do with the truth. These people are committing treason and they want everyone to be a partner in doing so.

On the 88th National Day of Saudi Arabia, the world saw how happy Saudi citizens were to live in a country that is peaceful and safe, where there is a beautiful collaboration between the government and the people. My message to the citizens of Saudi Arabia is to not let hateful people ruin your happiness in any way.

Lastly, we have never prevented anyone from loving their country and we do not want anyone to prevent us from loving ours.