JGIS — an institution par excellence


Affiliated with the University of Cambridge and AdvancEd JGIS offers revolutionized schooling through its Smart Education System, E-Learning, Innovative Teaching, Integrated Curriculum, Smart Teaching Tools, Digital Textbooks and Interactive classrooms. Our vision is to contribute quality education and emerge as an exemplary academic institution ensuring that all students receive comprehensive, high standard, rigorous and innovative education and are prepared to meet all challenges and compete globally.

JGIS is a place to educate, motivate, innovate and nurture young minds and prepare them for excelling in their academic career. We aim to set a strong foundation for the knowledge-based interactive education to enhance the social potential, confidence, creative abilities and learning skills of students by engaging them through innovative ideas, creativity, and a carefully designed integrated curriculum. JGIS is committed to providing topnotch education to its learners through its highly qualified, dedicated and experienced staff. The staff in the school is extremely cordial and friendly, inculcating in children an enthusiasm for learning and engaging them intellectually.

As professional educators we encourage parents and family to be fully involved with the student’s learning to enhance the success of our educational programs. We believe regular communication with the parents will benefit the students and maximize their learning abilities. Our effective and Smart School Management System serves as a strong Communication Tool between parents and the School. In addition, the School Open Days, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Personal Meetings, Notes and SMS service are also a source of routine information and interaction.

JGIS executes various activities throughout the academic year for the students to explore their talents, groom their skills, and offer them the opportunities to confidently thrive in this rapidly changing world. The School arranges Children’s Day, Earth Day, Career Day, Road Safety Week, Anti Bullying Week and Advocacy Day. The school has also initiated Kindergarten Show, Graduation of Grade 6 and KG3 and a fun fare activity Gala for its KGs students. We also follow and organize the extracurricular activities designed by the Ministry of Education; Talent Show, Saudi National day, Fire Drills and Hygiene week.

JGIS has firm commitment towards the Environment, recognizing the importance of protecting and preserving the environment, we educate and guide our young learners about the value of nature and the significance of maintaining a healthy environment for the future generations. We have lovely premises surrounded with beautiful green grass, trees and various types of plants exposing the children to nature. We encourage implementation of recycling systems to preserve our resources and minimize wastage.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X.