Losing your job soon

Losing your job soon


One of the main jobs that will face extinction in the future are the jobs related to banks and insurance companies. According to a study by ‘Instituut de Salon’, jobs in bank and insurance sectors will face elimination because of industrial intelligence.

The job to follow is accounting because high technical system can do it efficiently and faster. That is not new, there were jobs that was existing in the good old days and not existing now, and the people who were occupying these jobs did not die of hunger.

Most of the people who were working in jobs that do not exist today are successful people today. Therefore people should not worry about the future and security of jobs because we as Muslims believe sustenance is from Allah.

In the future, it is expected that the number of job opportunities will decline worldwide in many fields and professions because of the fast technical and technological advancement.

Private drivers is one of them. Now we are seeing the number of self-driven cars on the rise and people are using more public transportation nowadays. The number of farm jobs may decline as the technology of agricultural production is getting more advanced.

The number of workers working in post offices around the world is now declining with more people relying these days on emails. Most people working in press and printing may find themselves jobless in the future because of the digital technology advancement.

The curse of technology advancement is hitting simple jobs of people who are working in small jobs like making ‘Shawerma’ and Falafel’ sandwiches. They may find themselves without jobs because there are machines that can do it more efficiently, faster and cleaner.

This shows that the whole thing has nothing to do with education level or the importance of the job. It is simply that time and technology has advanced.

Only those who are living in denial will suffer when they lose their job. Let us accept it and start from now figuring out our next step so we will be part of this advancement instead of being thrown out of it.