Dependents can work for Haj firms via Ajeer system


Saudi Gazette

— Dependents of expatriate workers can work during the Haj season temporarily by registering at Ajeer Temporary Haj Employment Program of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. Working expatriates, however, need approval from their employers to work for other companies during the Haj season. Both Saudis and non-Saudis who are above 15 years can use the system to find jobs.

Companies need to pay a fee of SR160 for each employee they get from Ajeer. The aim of the system is to reduce recruitment from outside the Kingdom during the peak season.

Domestic workers are not allowed to benefit from Ajeer and expatriates cannot also be recruited for Saudized jobs, explained Sarah Al-Raddadi from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. She was addressing representatives of Haj establishments at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday.

The system serves both Haj establishments and other companies that provide services to pilgrims such as transport and catering. However, non-Haj companies need to be in green category or above to register at Ajeer and must be operating in Jeddah, Makkah or Madinah.

Investors in the sector have called for training them on Ajeer system which they said still need to familiarize themselves with it. Similarly, they called on the ministry to consider allowing domestic workers to look for jobs in the system as they are already available in the Kingdom. Likewise, they said there is a need to create a round-the clock hotline just for the Haj season. In addition, they said there is a need to unify regulations between all government agencies to facilitate entry of temporary workers in Makkah.

Ajeer is an online system that facilitates the link between employers and employees. Individuals can post their resumes and companies are able to post the jobs they offer for the public on the system.