Council of Saudi Chambers elects chairman, 2 deputies


Saudi Gazette

— The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) held on Monday evening a ceremony celebrating the election of the chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers and his two deputies. The ceremony was attended by a great number of Chamber officials.

Mazin Batarji, the deputy chairman of the JCCI, highlighted the long relationship between the Jeddah Chamber and the Council of Saudi Chambers and their joint cooperation to develop the business sector in the Kingdom. The council, he said, has 32 local committees which deal with issues and regulations of each sector.

Batarji was addressing the audience including Sami Al-Obaidi, the newly elected chairman of Council of Saudi Chambers also the chairman of Taif Chamber, and the two deputies of the chairman of Saudi Council namely Muneer ibn Saad ,chairman also the chairman of Madinah Chamber; and Abdullah Al-Adeem, chairman of Hail Chamber.

He added that the Council represents the private sector in international conferences and occasions, participates in shaping international economic policies, and enhances the Saudi trade relations with the world as it has 31 Saudi-foreign councils which aim at developing the national economy and increases Saudi exports.

Al-Obaidi said the Council aims at developing the business sector. He said the Council also contributes to putting policies in cooperation with government agencies. There efforts, he said, are to enhance the participation of the business sector in the local economic and social development.

The Council, he added, follows closely the economic changes both locally and internationally and studies effects on the businesses. It also contributes to localizing jobs, encourages strong relations among Saudi Chambers, and gives more attention to small and medium enterprises.