VW ‘#100SimpleJoysofDriving’ campaign

June 29, 2018

WHEN asked how best to describe the way driving makes them feel, over two thirds (76%) of drivers across the GCC said it makes them feel happy, excited and independent according to findings from a recent YouGov survey undertaken by Volkswagen Middle East.

Volkswagen Middle East launched their ‘#100SimpleJoysOfDriving’ campaign which was created to showcase the region’s driving habits and highlight the joys of being in the driving seat. The campaign includes an initial list of 100 driving joys, and Volkswagen hopes to build on it further, encouraging everyone with a passion for driving and everything that it represents to join the conversation and share their own real driving experiences via social platforms.

From the recent survey, when asked for their top three driving experiences, nearly half of respondents (45%) ranked cruising deserted city streets at night as their number one choice. And when asked about what driving gives time to do, almost half (49%) of respondents revealed that driving leaves them time to think, with singing out loud coming in at a surprising second place.

Andrew Savvas, Brand Director for Volkswagen Middle East, said: “The experience of driving is unique to each and every person who gets behind the wheel. It can be relaxing, thrilling or quite simply, an occasion that is necessary. People are at the core of our automotive creations at Volkswagen and so to celebrate the joys of driving with men and women across the Middle East is exciting for us, especially as we approach the lifting of the female driving ban in Saudi Arabia.”

He added: “Women will be driving in the Kingdom and be able to create their own favorite driving experiences. It’s an exciting moment in time and we are thrilled to be celebrating this historical automotive milestone alongside them.”

In support of Saudi Arabia lifting the ban on women driving on June 24, Volkswagen has launched #100SimpleJoysOfDriving video campaign that celebrates and brings to life some of the top joys of driving. This is our list. What’s Yours? — SG

June 29, 2018
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