Tips for Saving your Social Media Accounts


Saudi Gazette

Having social media accounts were we posts our daily events and share our thoughts with others has become a must. However, some of social media users that are living in this virtual life face several risks such as personal account hacking.

In an interview with Saudi Gazette, Fabio Assolini, senior security researcher in the global research and analysis team at Kaspersky Lab shared some advice on ways to protect your social media accounts.

His first advice for those who care deeply about protection is to avoid social networks. “If you are really paranoid, do not use social networks because the data there can’t be controlled 100 percent,” he said. “But if you want to use these social apps and websites, you can adopt the privacy features that your social network provides you with.”

Users can limit who can view their information from posts and contacts in addition to controlling which friends can talk about the user.

That way the person can have some control over the content in certain social networks. Yet even using this control options would not be enough since some of these free networks could provide other companies with your data.

Assolini suggests using different passwords for each of their accounts. “There are aggressive ways and legal ways for account hacking. The aggressive way is by stealing your password and this is something easy to do these days, especially if people using the same password for all the accounts. For example, I have the same account for Facebook and other webpages. This page was hacked and the cyber criminal now can access my Facebook because I am using the same password. People are reusing password and this is a big problem,” he said.

Avoiding online applications and test could save your data and social media accounts from being hacked.

Assolini said, “The legal way for account hacking happens when often companies publish in the social network what we call applications. Generally, it is represented to the users as something interesting and desirable. For example, icon that says, do a test to know your personality, how many years will you die, or something positive and interesting to the user. When you accept, it allows the app to access the account and it will collect all the data.”

Another provided advise for social media users to protect their accounts is to share very little about themselves and be less exposed on these networks. For instance, it is better to share one picture of an event or occasion rather than two or three.